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 The Aborigines
Tibetan Ethnic Group

The Tibetan ethnic group is one of the oldest in China. The people have their own written and oral language, and believe in Tibetan Buddhism. The Tibetans mainly live in Southwest China's Tibetan Autonomous Region with the rest forming Tibetan communities in neighboring Qinghai, Gansu, Sichuan, and Yunnan provinces.

· Deng People
· Lhoba Ethnic Minority
· Moinba Ethnic Group
· Sherpa People

Tibetan Costume

Tibetan costume features a loose waist, long sleeves, and a big front. People wear fur coats on festivals and big occasions.

· Roles of Tibetan Knives
· Drinking Buttered Tea
· Culture of Wooden Bowls
· Tibetan Hats

Horse Race and Archery

Horseracing and archery, popular all over Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region, began in 1408, when the king of Gyangtse gave a decree marking the period from April 10th through 27th of every year for prayers and a sacrificial ceremony for his grandfather, with entertainment offered on the 28th.

· Development of Tibetan Traditional Sports
· Outdoor Sports Popular in Lhasa
· Sport in Lhokha
· Hua'er Meeting
Shoton Festival

The Shoton Festival begins July 1 on the Tibetan calendar, and lasts a week. It is also known as the Yogurt (Banquet) Festival since locals customarily eat Tibetan yogurt during the gala. "Sho" means the yogurt and "ton" means banquet in the Tibetan language.

· Spring Festivals
· Summer Festivals
· Autumn Festivals
· Winter Festivals
Tibet in Brief
Tibet A-Z MORE
· Peaceful Liberation of Tibet
· 17-Point Agreement
· Concise Tibet History
Prefectures MORE
· Lhasa
· Shannan Prefecture
· Xigaze Prefecture
· Nagqu Prefecture
· Nyingchi Prefecture
· Chamdo Prefecture
· Ngari Prefecture
Tibetan Bests MORE
· Tibet's First King
· Lhasa:World's Highest City
· Tibet's Earliest Palace
Tibet in My Eyes MORE
Special Products
· Tibetan Quilts
· Tibetan Knives
· Tibetan Hats
Snacks MORE
· Tsamba
· Sweet Milk Tea
· Buttered Tea
Medical Herbs MORE
· Meadow Saffron
· Aweto
· Red Orpin
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· Highland Barley
· Ginseng
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