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The life of Sissi

2017-10-10 08:03:22

An exhibition about the Austro-Hungarian queen is touring China.

A tale of two dynasties

2017-10-10 07:24:58

An ongoing exhibition of Qin and Han artifacts reveals how these periods continue to influence China and the world.

Deer at Palace Museum add life to ongoing artifact show

2017-09-28 07:37:47

The Palace Museum has a zoo, at least for now. Nine sika deer were recently ushered into the Cining Gong Garden of the museum in Beijing.

Chinese musical 'Our Love Story' to be staged

2017-09-27 09:22:18

Musical Our Love Story, a production by the China Oriental Performing Arts Group, will be staged in Beijing's Tianqiao Performing Arts Center on Oct 11 and 12.

Creativity blossoms

2017-09-26 07:46:02

A celebrated Russian artist uses flowers, ballerinas to build bridges among cultures. Ren Qi and Pan Mengqi report.

Giving modern art a push

2017-09-26 07:28:20

The ongoing Beijing International Art Biennale features paintings, sculptures and installations from more than 100 countries. Lin Qi reports.

Asia Arts Festival kicks off in E China

2017-09-25 14:12:22

To enhance friendship and international communication, the 15th Asia Arts Festival opened in Ningbo, Zhejiang province on Sept 23. The festival consists of more than 10 cultural activities in the forms of cultural forums, as well as pieces of performing art and visual art.

Chinese opera 'Lan Huahua' to make debut in Beijing

2017-09-25 07:36:52

Popular folk song forms the soul of a Chinese opera set to debut on Oct 1. Chen Nan reports.

Exhibition showcases how artist blends Eastern and Western influences

2017-09-18 15:50:11

Macao-born artist Ng Sio-leng draws on her experiences of both East and West. The artist, who lived in London a year before moving to Taipei where she lived for a decade, has been in Beijing for the past nine years.

Ballet of ink and brush to delight

2017-09-15 16:08:34

An exhibition of calligraphy and poems by Liang Xiaoping, a pioneering Australian Chinese artist, will greet art lovers in Beijing on Sept 15 at the Overseas Chinese History Museum.

Show traces influence of Zhao Mengfu on Chinese painting and calligraphy

2017-09-14 07:39:43

Zhao Mengfu (1254-1322), who was a Song Dynasty (960-1279) royal, made a controversial move to switch loyalties to the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368). But that is not his claim to fame.

Rare glimpse of a masterpiece

2017-09-14 07:27:16

A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains, the only surviving work from Song Dynasty (960-1279) painter Wang Ximeng is to be exhibited at the Palace Museum.

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