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Unzipping the future

2017-08-08 07:14:40

An immersive exhibition in Beijing invites visitors to reflect on how digital technology is shaping their lives.

Global artists display 400 works at Art Nova 100

2017-08-02 14:20:50

The 2017 Art Nova 100 opening exhibition was unveiled at the Today Art Museum in Beijing on August 1.

Artist brings island-inspired show to Beijing

2017-07-25 07:43:06

Nanjing-based artist Zhang Lei has been described by his friends and art collectors as a "watcher" of Jiangxinzhou, an island on the Yangtze River in East China's Jiangsu province.

Exhibition shines spotlight on British abstract artist

2017-07-25 07:11:26

Age prohibits Gillian Ayres, the British abstract artist, from doing as much work as she would love to with regard to painting and gardening.

Porcelain for posterity

2017-07-25 07:05:19

An ongoing exhibition in Beijing showcases the excellence of the 'five great kilns' of imperial China.

Heart of the matter

2017-07-18 07:52:14

An ongoing art show in Beijing sheds light on the importance of human emotions in our tech era.

Guangdong shows the way

2017-07-18 07:10:13

An exhibition of hundreds of paintings and sculptures shows how one province shaped Chinese art since the early 20th century.

Treasured island

2017-07-17 07:09:59

With giant banyan trees shading its graceful European mansions, Gulangyu looks like a Mediterranean island in the South China Sea.

Guan Shanyue's works on display

2017-07-12 16:16:33

The late painter Guan Shanyue led his peers at the Lingnan School of Painting, formed in the early 20th-century in the southern city of Guangzhou, to revolutionize the classic Chinese mountain-and-water paintings. Guan also donated some 800 of his paintings to build an art museum named after him in Shenzhen in 1997.

Beijing art space shows tech influence

2017-07-13 06:06:43

The advancement of digital technology has not only helped expand artistic creativity but also enriched the experience of museum visits.

The Divine Michelangelo, a must-see exhibit in Beijing

2017-07-12 15:57:42

After a successful debut in Shanghai, The Divine Michelangelo Art Exhibition, opens to the public in Beijing on July 15.

Taiwan dance troupe to present impromptu moves in Beijing

2017-07-11 07:57:35

In 1988, dancer-choreographer Ku Ming-shen, then a teacher at the Chinese Culture University in Taiwan, visited the University of Illinois in the United States.

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