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Updated: 2020-10-19 07:12:33


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Performers present the three-act immersive show, Pretty Tianshui, at the newly launched Tianshui Grand Theater in Gansu province's Tianshui. Premiered in the city on Sept 29, the show depicting the 8,000-year-history of Tianshui aims to become a new name card for the city. [Photo provided to China Daily]

In just 100 minutes, the audience can appreciate the 8,000-year-long history of Tianshui, Gansu province, thanks to a three-act immersive show, which also offers the glimpses of Fu Hsi Culture, Dadiwan Primal Tribe Culture and the culture of the Maiji Mountain Grottoes.

With their respective themes of sky, Earth and humans, the three acts are performed in three separate areas. Instead of sitting in one auditorium, the audience are divided into two groups and walk through the first two acts in a different order and gather for the third act.

The two aisles that connect the three areas are also two art scenes showcasing the families in Tianshui and Dadiwan culture. The whole walking route makes a large picture of a tai chi diagram.

Named Pretty Tianshui, the show that aims to become a new name card for the city, premiered in Tianshui on Sept 29, attracting an enthusiastic audience of over 1,000.

Located in southeast Gansu, Tianshui is said to have been the hometown of Fu Xi (Fu Hsi), one of ancient China's "three wise kings".As such, the city is known as the root of ancient Chinese culture.

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