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Savior of a genre

2017-05-09 07:19:54

The traditional flower-and-bird painting genre may not have survived in the second half of the 20th century if not for Pan Tianshou (1897-1971).

The fantastic four monks

2017-05-09 07:19:54

They are considered some of the best painters among Buddhist monks in ancient China.

Take a bite on the wild side at Beijinger 2017 Burger Cup

2017-05-08 13:25:11

Beijing's largest burger festival is back with a Wild West twist this year.

New light on old money

2017-04-25 07:23:15

Empires along the ancient Silk Road may have faded into obscurity over time, but a coin exhibition shows how trade thrived on the legendary Eurasian route.

Soulful sissi

2017-04-24 06:53:55

The Austrian film Sissi, based on the legendary life of Empress Elisabeth, became popular in China after it was screened here in the 1980s.

Avantgarde fashion gadgets shown in Beijing

2017-04-18 07:00:33

Designer Wang Xin's works are full of creativity: A spider on a wall becomes an exquisite watch; a rocket ready for launch is actually a pen; and a Star Wars spaceship is a music box.

Julian Opie holds first solo show in China

2017-04-18 07:00:33

British artist Julian Opie is holding his first major solo show in China, with more than 50 works displayed at the Fosun Foundation in Shanghai's Bund area, overlooking the Huangpu River.

Exhibition showcases ancient Huizhou crafts

2017-04-18 07:00:33

The Huizhou area has contributed handsomely to Chinese culture throughout Chinese history. Huizhou culture flourished in the southern Anhui region and influenced a wide range of fields - philosophy, literature, medicine, architecture, fine art, handicrafts and folk customs.

Russian art treasures on display in Beijing

2017-04-18 07:00:33

Liu Xun (1929-2007) had a productive art career that lasted some six decades, covering lithography, traditional Chinese New Year paintings, comics, ink-brush and oil paintings. But he also collected art extensively.

German neo-expressionist's solo exhibition staged in Beijing

2017-04-11 08:00:52

Tsinghua University Art Museum holds first solo exhibition of a living artist with German neo-expressionist's works.

French treasures to be showcased in Beijing

2017-04-11 07:25:13

An exhibition of precious objects from France, including a dazzling sword carried by Napoleon Bonaparte at his coronation, is set to open at the Palace Museum in Beijing.

Hong Kong Heroes

2017-04-08 09:23:42

A play's revival brings to Beijing the little-known story of seven soccer players who were determined to get to the 1936 Olympic Games.

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