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Bringing tai chi to NYC

Updated: 2019-12-12 08:39:17

( Xinhua )

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Chen Sitan and his wife, Lin Xu, perform tai chi at Times Square in New York.[Photo/Xinhua]

The annual festival features a range of presentations, demonstrations and short classes joined by dozens of teams from around the New York City metropolitan area.

"As time goes by, people realize that the core value of tai chi is balance," says Chen.

He explains that tai chi embodies the Taoist philosophy, which advocates a balanced body, a balance between body and mind, and a balance between humans and nature.

"We internalize this philosophy through practicing tai chi every day," says Chen.

Jean Kestel has been coming to group classes for about four years. She regards tai chi as an enjoyable form of communal exercise.

"I took pictures of people practicing tai chi in parks and malls in China when I visited in 2003. That's not common in the United States," she says, adding that the classes offer her a chance to stay in touch with Chinese culture. She plans to visit China again next year.

As popular as tai chi is in and around New York, Chen is still looking to develop a training program and grading system that will help him train more qualified teachers.

"A standard, effective and practical training and grading system will help unite all the teachers who are out there promoting tai chi on their own to work together for the noble cause," says Chen.

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