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Rare Qing Dynasty enamel bowl auctioned for HK$87.2mln

Updated: 2019-11-28 14:06:03

( Ecns.cn )

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A Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) enameled "falangcai" bowl was auctioned for 87.2 million HK dollars ($11.1 million) due to its superb craftsmanship at the Christie's sale in Hong Kong on November 27, 2019. [Photo/China News Service]

This exquisite imperial bowl represents the pinnacle of falangcai art during the Kangxi period. The Kangxi Emperor's dream of perfecting local production of painted enamels achieved extraordinary realisation with this exceptional and unique "double lotus" bowl. From its shape, enamelling and decoration, the current bowl was made towards the end of the Kangxi reign, possibly in his last year in 1722, the period when falangcai production reached its perfection.

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