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Pierre Cardin revered for inspiring China's haute couture

2021-01-01 17:04

French fashion designer Pierre Cardin opened his restaurant Maxim's in 1983 about 3 km from Beijing's famed Tian'anmen Square. This high-end eatery is where many Beijingers have their first taste of authentic French food without having to step foot in Paris.

Chinese musician sings friendship song in German

2021-01-01 15:51

Earlier this year, Thomas Rabe, the grandson of John Rabe, once called the "Schindler of China", reached out for help from Germany during the COVID-19 outbreak, and many people in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, took immediate action to provide the needed medical supplies.

Friendship, solidarity in New Year greetings from Rome

2021-01-01 11:10

Upon the arrival of 2021, the China National Tourist Office in Rome and the Great Wall string quartet jointly produced a video to send their New Year greetings to people around the world.

Intl students help expat museum visitors explore Chinese culture

2020-12-29 16:00

Sirinpun Yantarat and her foreign friends work as volunteer commentators at the Liaoning Museum, in order to help expats enjoy the exhibition.

Senior citizens enjoy Chinese culture show in New Zealand

2020-12-28 13:55

The China Cultural Center in Wellington and Tai Chi Associaties Wellington held a Chinese culture show for senior citizens at Longview Home on Dec 23.

Local life through the lens of foreigners

2020-12-25 08:05

A total of 32 short videos won awards at the finals of the second Foreigners on China contest during a ceremony held on Dec 17 in the city of Yantai, East China's Shandong province.

Hastings Blossom Parade attracts tens of thousands in New Zealand

2020-10-10 09:37

Tens of thousands of people lined up the streets in New Zealand's inner city Hastings to see the colorful floats and amazing performances for the Hastings Blossom Parade on Saturday.

Watch it again: Live concert presents 'Symphony of the Silk Road'

2020-09-21 11:10

A concert titled "Symphony of the Silk Road" was streamed globally online to celebrate the 71st anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China on Sept 18.

China sends food packages to Pakistani women's group

2020-08-20 13:48

The Chinese embassy sent 1,600 food packages to the Islamabad Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry (IWCCI) on Aug 11.

Descendants of ancient Chinese artist display work in Tokyo

2020-08-17 11:31

Huang Tingjian, a Chinese calligrapher, poet and painter from the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127), would be proud to learn his descendants are still practicing the craft in the 21st century.

Seoul tourism office shows beauty of Inner Mongolia

2020-07-16 13:20

If you're tired of cities crammed with buildings, cars and people, there is a place in China filled with boundless landscapes and fresh air.

Virtual medical trip to Hubei kicks off in Seoul

2020-07-13 14:40

If Li Shizhen, one of the most famous herbalists in ancient China and the author of Bencao Gangmu (Compendium of Materia Medica) from the Ming Dynasty were still alive, he would undoubtedly be trying to find a cure to COVID-19 in his home of Hubei.

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