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  Luobu Sida: a leading Thang-ga painter and a committed teacher  

Luobu Sida works on a Thang-ga in Lhasa,Tibet, September 11, 2009. [Chinadaily.com.cn/Uking Sun]

Luobu Sida copies the paintings on Thang-ga in the Potala Palace, Lhasa, Tibet. (Photo provided by Luobu Sida)

A student paints Thang-ga in Luobu Sida's Thang-ga school in Lhasa, Tibet, September 11, 2009.[Chinadaily.com.cn/Uking Sun]

Thang-ga works made by Luobu Sida (Photo provided by Luobu Sida)

By Sun Yuqing

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