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Chinese talent behind Disney heroine

2021-03-17 07:59

Creative duo use mythology and regional knowledge to bring a fascinating tale to life, Xu Fan reports.

Pandora's box-office gold as Avatar tops charts

2021-03-17 07:59

Eleven years on and James Cameron's groundbreaking sci-fi epic is still pulling fans into theaters and breaking records, Xu Fan reports.

Cultural strengths

2021-03-16 07:55

US award-winning documentary filmmaker and development pioneer lauds major aspects behind China's success, Alexis Hooi reports.

What's on

2021-03-15 08:07

The Masters, an exhibition now at Changsha Museum until April 18, juxtaposes early works of the two painters, calligraphers and collectors whose creativity still inspires people today.

Farmers enjoy spice of life as chilies seed profit

2021-03-15 08:06

Li Yihua and his wife, Zhao Liwei, have been engaged in the chili industry in Kailu county, North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region, for nearly 20 years.

Creating a pattern for growth

2021-03-15 08:05

NPC deputy Shi Liping has spent the last two decades promoting her Miao ethnic community's traditional embroidery, Wang Ru and Yang Jun report.

What's on

2021-03-02 08:05

Award winning ballet productions from the Beijing International Ballet and Choreography Competition will soon hit the stage.

CCTV lights up Lantern Festival with gala

2021-02-27 14:37

CCTV marked the Lantern Festival with an annual gala at 8 pm on Feb 26.

China's last reindeer tribe

2021-02-27 10:51

Editor's note: Photographer Wang Wei focuses his lens on the Ewenki people who live deep in the dense forests of the Greater Khingan Mountains. It took him nearly three years to record the last reindeer tribe in China, and present to the public a series of photographs and videos recording the life of the Ewenki people and their endangered culture.

The occupational hazards of a virtual boyfriend

2021-02-27 10:31

In this job your latest catch may seem to like you, but then she may dump on you before dumping you.

The price of fake love

2021-02-27 10:23

Nobody to celebrate your birthday with? Don't worry, a friend is close at hand-but you may need your phone to complete the transaction.

Village girl chases Olympic dream on surfboard

2021-02-27 10:15

HAIKOU-On a sunny and windy day, Huang Yingying, from a small fishing village in Hainan province, wears a colorful surfing suit and applies sunscreen on the beach, before paddling out to sea and taking on the big swells.

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