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A calling of history

2021-03-23 08:00

Quest for photos of the Old Summer Palace after 1860 sees one man enhance our present by examining the past, Wang Kaihao reports.

Visitor numbers blossom amid spring's colorful arrival

2021-03-23 07:59

With the pandemic situation under control domestically and spring blooms blossoming across the country, travelers are eager to travel again.

A budding attraction

2021-03-23 07:59

Central China's Hubei province hopes to boost tourism by promoting the seasonal blooming of its cherry blossoms, Xu Lin and Liu Kun report.

Grounds for deepening dialogue

2021-03-23 07:58

Leading China historian lauds optimism of cultural exchange amid CPC centenary celebrations, Alexis Hooi reports.

Qing lacquer wares return to homeland

2021-03-22 14:58

A mahjong set in dragon texture from the late Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), along with more than 300 other examples of Chinese lacquer wares — all of which had been exported overseas between 1840 and 1949 —were showcased in an exhibit on Wednesday in Fuzhou, Fujian province.

Bach to the future with variations

2021-03-22 08:02

Pianist Lang Lang talks about how playing composer's music has helped him in his growth as a musician and family man, Chen Nan reports.

Undercover work brought to life through drama

2021-03-19 08:27

National security officers usually work undercover and keep a low profile, but a television drama has thrusted them into the limelight, highlighting their commitment to the country's safety.

In tribute to Bach's musical creativity

2021-03-19 08:26

Since 2009, pianist Sheng Yuan has been holding concerts every March to pay tribute to one of his favorite composers, Johann Sebastian Bach.

Artist captures universal experience in body paintings

2021-03-18 15:02

In psychedelic colors, a couple of limbs and torsos collide and entwine with each other, refusing to be locked by the frame of the canvas.

A song for the grasslands

2021-03-18 08:24

Inner Mongolia's remote corners provide the stage for entertainers ready to perform, Chen Nan and Yuan Hui report.

Cherishing our rural heritage

2021-03-18 08:06

Revitalizing villages will help breathe new life into isolated communities and inspire cultural activities and appreciation, says CPPCC member, Li Yingxue reports.

US artist's wax works on display in Beijing

2021-03-17 08:01

US artist Zachary Armstrong has collected candles since he was a little boy.

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