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A gripping mystery

2024-05-02 09:38

What was the man holding? This is an inevitable question for anyone who has ever looked up to the famous bronze standing man, unearthed from a pit in Sanxingdui, an archaeological site located in Guanghan city, southwestern China's Sichuan province. During its heyday between 1600 and 1100 BC, Sanxingdui was capital to the ancient kingdom of Shu- Shu being a modern byword for Sichuan- which built around itself a prosperous Bronze Age civilization that dominated the Upper Yangtze River region.

Rescue mission like a red crown on cranes

2024-05-02 09:23

Zhao Shiwei and his team have bred and rescued more than 200 red-crowned cranes and released them into the wild after ensuring they will be able to survive in the wild. Despite doing this for 30 years and loving every moment of it, Zhao's greatest wish is to see his enclosure in Panjin city, Liaoning province, free of cranes.

They've set their seal on seal protection

2024-05-02 09:19

All baby animals are cute. Seal pups are no exception.

New Chinese style gives young people a cool everyday choice

2024-05-02 08:16

As people walk through the crowd along the buzzing Pingjiang Road in downtown Suzhou, East China's Jiangsu province, they'll often see women clad in various styles of qipao (cheongsam) and hanfu (traditional Chinese dresses).

Young people find that tradition is their cup of tea

2024-05-02 08:14

In a burst of springtime flavor, new-style Chinese tea chain, Molly Tea, has attracted beverage enthusiasts with its latest creation, Yongchun Foshou. Made from the renowned oolong tea of the same name from Yongchun county, Quanzhou, Fujian province, this new offering has quickly become a hit. Yet, it is merely a highlight in a series of new brands that have taken the tea market by storm.

Artist finds inspiration in nature to rejuvenate the ink tradition

2024-04-29 15:19

Either in East or West, nature has been a destination for artists to seek breakthroughs. For example, in the 19th-century France, a group of painters who felt bounded the rigid academic rules found new inspirations and freedom in the brace of woods, streams and lush plants in Barbizon, which led to the birth of pro-naturalism Barbizon school of painting.

Photographers to spotlight Guizhou's engineering marvels

2024-04-26 14:45

Guizhou, a landlocked province characterized by its rugged terrain of mountains and canyons, presents a stunning yet challenging landscape for transportation infrastructure development.

Exploring the mystique of the 'loong'

2024-04-24 08:02

April 20 marked the 15th United Nations Chinese Language Day. In celebration of this occasion, a group of international students from Shenyang University of Chemical Technology gathered for a special extracurricular activity to explore the Chinese character for "dragon" — "loong".

The cutting-edge art of Chinese cleavers

2024-04-24 07:59

There are only about five people making handmade traditional Chinese cleaver in Changsha, Hunan province, and 29-year-old Xiao Chao is the youngest among them, with the average age of the others being over 60 years old.

Paws for empowerment

2024-04-24 07:55

Every year, the last Wednesday of April, which falls on April 24 this year, is celebrated as International Guide Dog Day, a commemoration that reminds us how traveling with a guide dog remains challenging.

Social Media Digest

2024-04-24 07:48

Her announcement video received more than 146,000 likes, and the hashtag "princess learning method" amassed over 28 million views on Douyin.

AI takes center stage at Beijing Film Fest

2024-04-24 07:39

For the first time in history, the Beijing International Film Festival has introduced an AIGC (artificial intelligence-generated content) Short Film Unit, showcasing the application and innovation of AI technology within the film industry while also exploring how AI challenges and reshapes traditional cinematic storytelling.

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