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African artist draws inspiration from bustling street

2021-08-05 08:51

In Brazzaville, where art stalls can be found almost after every turn on the streets, local artist Andre N'Kitengue finds his inner peace on canvas in spite of traffic noise. In the capital of the Republic of Congo, flowers with bright blaze are soothed beneath N'Kitengue's loving hand.

Tunes of bravery

2021-08-05 08:42

Best-selling video game attracts players with new theme music from a traditional instrument, Chen Nan reports.

Great Wall rejuvenation revives village life

2021-08-05 08:03

The Shandan section of the Great Wall is located deep in the vast Gobi Desert in Northwest China's Gansu province, its crumbling, sand-colored structure looming over the ancient Xiakou village.

Seeing the light

2021-08-05 07:54

Documentary focuses on lanterns and other handicraft styles of Suzhou, Jiangsu province, to inspire the next generation to carry the torch of tradition, Cheng Yuezhu reports.

Work-study program widens treatment of pediatric cancers

2021-08-04 10:01

Though Wang Zhaojian has been working as a pediatrician in Northwest China's Qinghai province for 22 years, she had not treated children with cancer for more than a decade.

Making all the difference

2021-08-04 09:47

Teachers in rural areas are filling the education gap, working hard to inspire students by adopting science popularization initiatives, establishing extracurricular clubs and encouraging them to join the 'maker' movement, Xu Lin reports.

Traditional sport has a real tug of appeal

2021-08-04 09:11

Just like Chinese athletes who are striving to win gold medals at Tokyo Olympics, 12-year-old Wang Zihan has won a competition named Lapaniu, with concentrated effort.

Plateau rail line is generational affair for family

2021-08-04 08:57

Armed police officer Luo Changqiang says he cannot remember how many times he had watched trains roaring past the tunnel of the Kunlun Mountains.

Traveler set to be on top of the world

2021-08-04 08:46

Zheng Chenying has carved out a career that many of her peers dream of. Since 2018, the now 24-year-old has been to 64 cities at home and abroad and experienced 24 very different lifestyles.

Confucius Institute popularizes Chinese among Lebanese

2021-08-04 08:05

The Chinese language has become popular among Lebanese students over the past five years, says Antoine Hokayem, a professor and local director of the Confucius Institute at the University of Saint Joseph.

Eastern flavor

2021-08-04 07:57

Lou Sheng's schedule is especially full this year. Trips overseas have dried up due to the pandemic, but the schedule gaps have created more opportunities to travel around China, and that has paid off in a growing band of fans for his Wuju Opera performances.

'Ironman' dance show proves inspirational hit

2021-08-03 08:58

A dance drama has won public acclaim after using a new form of dance to depict the life of a late Chinese model worker known as "Ironman" across the country.

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