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Elderly care prioritized for locals in Shenyang community

2022-09-01 08:11

Taking good care of older residents has long been a top priority for workers in the Mudan Community in the city of Shenyang, Northeast China's Liaoning province.

Sailors on Yunchan Lake will claim: 'Gar! Here be monsters!'

2022-09-01 08:10

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, a "monster "has reared from the depths to terrify us all-the ravenous alligator gar.

Efforts to protect endangered porpoise increase in dry season

2022-09-01 08:09

Despite the temperature of 35 C, a fishery administration vessel set off at 8:30 am from the northern shore of China's largest freshwater lake, Poyang Lake, sailing along the waterway in search of endangered finless porpoises.

Early civilization unveiled

2022-09-01 08:02

Jijiaocheng site slowly reveals clues that shed light on society thousands of years ago, report Xu Lin in Changde, Hunan, and Zhu Youfang in Changsha.

Crowning passion

2022-09-01 08:01

A Hunan artisan painstakingly makes intricate replicas of ancient coronets, Cheng Yuezhu in Beijing and Zhu Youfang in Changsha report.

Tales steeped in history

2022-09-01 08:00

Online author Li Yunfan has captivated readers with his fictional, but historically accurate, tales set in China's ancient past, Yang Yang reports.

City ruins surrender their fascinating secrets

2022-09-01 07:59

With an area of about 700 square kilometers, Liyang Plain in Central China's Hunan province on the northwest bank of Dongting Lake boasts more than 700 prehistoric sites.

Cambodian kids enjoy Chinese care packages

2022-08-31 09:18

Se Sokna, a sixth grade student at the Angkomnob Primary School in Bati district, 40 kilometers south of Cambodia's capital Phnom Penh, was elated after receiving a Chinese-donated "kit of love" on Thursday, saying that the package was very useful.

Martial arts converge with dance from West

2022-08-31 09:17

With lights fading out at the Neilson Studio of the Sydney Dance Company, 18-year-old Australian contemporary dancer Xanthe, together with dozens of her peers, quietly walked on the center stage, ready to showcase the fruits of their Chinese martial arts training.

Bringing beauty of Chinese poems to the world

2022-08-31 09:17

Sitting at the dining table in his home in the US Midwest state of Illinois, Cai Zongqi recalls his career teaching Chinese literature at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Volunteers give aid from China with love

2022-08-31 09:16

A group of volunteers from China is winning hearts in Pakistan through their continuous humanitarian assistance to the people in Pakistan in their hour of need.

The joy of giving

2022-08-31 07:58

High school students find innovative and viable solutions to tackle power crisis and control the scourge of malaria in Africa, Xing Wen reports.

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