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Embracing sustainable living

Updated: 2023-11-29 08:14 ( China Daily )
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Chen Jiaorong. CHINA DAILY

Wu Yuxi, a 29-year-old professional in the financial investment industry, has been renting a home in Shanghai for years. But she has rarely purchased any furniture — wardrobes, tables, and even smaller items like lamps and figurines — since she has either found or received them as secondhand treasures.

"For me, these old items aren't waste. They've just been misplaced," Wu said. "Imagine giving them new life through cleaning, repairing, and transforming. Wouldn't that make life more beautiful?"

Wu's approach aligns with the shifting mindset of many young people in China, actively integrating sustainability principles into their lifestyles. Through concrete actions, they raise awareness about environmental protection, refine technologies, and strive for a balance between economic prosperity and the societal well-being.

"For the younger generation, there's no single fashionable way of living. The pleasure and sense of achievement from consumption can also be derived through the recycling of old items," Wu said. "Whether at a personal level — reducing life expenses and emotional stress — or at a societal level, practicing low-carbon and environmentally friendly behaviors, it's all positive."

For example, when Wu entered university, she wanted a sketchpad but didn't have the money to buy a brand-new one. She found a nearly new one at a low price in the school's flea market, previously unused by her seniors. This tablet has become Wu's companion for a decade, sparking her interest in recycling old items.

As a design graduate, Wu discovers that using refurbished items not only saves money but also brings a sense of accomplishment and joy.

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