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When the concert halls fell silent

2021-09-22 10:16

Early last year the pianist Niu Niu, like many classical musicians, canceled his concerts because of COVID-19. Disappointed, depressed and anxious, he stayed at home in Xiamen, Fujian province, and played the piano six hours a day.

Fashioning a career from culture

2021-09-22 10:06

Designer cuts a dash with clothes that are both modern and traditional.

Project aims to make Chinese language picture books for intl learners

2021-09-22 10:01

Co-organized by Guangxi Normal University, Guangxi Normal University Press and its subsidiary Magic Elephant Books, the project aims to develop Chinese language education courses for overseas children aged 3 to 6.

Macao, Guangxi publishers team up over copyright

2021-09-22 09:56

At the 28th Beijing International Book Fair, Macao publisher Hall de Cultura signed a copyright cooperation agreement with Guangxi Normal University Press on Sept 15, marking a new start for copyright cooperation between the two sides.

Culture Insider: Once popular sports in ancient capital Xi'an

2021-09-22 07:10

As the capital of 13 dynasties throughout Chinese history, the ancient city has never been far from sports. Starting from the Western Zhou Dynasty (c. 11th century-771 BC) to the Tang Dynasty (618-907), the city has held many sports events.

Virus control key ahead of likely holiday tourism boom

2021-09-17 16:54

Despite the latest round of COVID-19 outbreaks in East China's Fujian province, the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays are likely to witness a greatly increased number of tourists hitting the road.

10 must-try foods in Xi'an

2021-09-17 15:07

As China's 14th National Games opens in Xi'an, let's check out some signature delicacies from the city. From meat burgers and pita bread soaked in lamb soup to a wide selection of noodles, there is bound to be one that fits your tastes.

Beijing 2022 venue: National Sliding Centre

2021-09-17 10:43

The National Sliding Centre is the competition venue for bobsleigh, skeleton and luge events in the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Dedicated professionals take challenging yet rewarding job

2021-09-17 08:02

LANZHOU-Liang Dali, 31, has spent six years teaching Yiyi, a child with special needs, basic skills, such as using utensils, hand washing and going to the toilet.

Headmistress shows her class through leading by example

2021-09-17 07:57

Realizing that patriotism education had to be tweaked to become more engaging for children, Wu Rongjin, a primary school teacher in Shanghai, took it upon herself to evoke change.

Children's art show bursts with creativity, honesty

2021-09-16 17:02

Like an Artist, an exhibition on now at the Cheng Center for Contemporary Art until Oct 7, shows children's artworks erupting with imagination and vitality.

Craftsmen enjoy their brush with success

2021-09-16 08:16

NANCHANG-Zhou Pengcheng, 76, has dedicated his life to the centuries-old intangible cultural heritage of making writing brushes.

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