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Shopping for scent

Updated: 2022-07-02 12:02 ( China Daily )
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Image consultant offers far more detailed and customized services than "personal shopper".[Photo provided to China Daily]

This job was far more challenging than she expected and she noticed that some of her fellow personal shoppers had given up, while many young people lost interest after learning about the professional responsibilities.

"Take the example of personal shopper, the position requires the imagination of a designer, vision of a psychologist, persuasion of an insurance agent, and more importantly, communication and interactive abilities, which are too challenging for most young people," says Yu from Fudan.

In 2019, Wang launched Shangyan Image, with the slogan "so young" in order to share her experience with more people who are willing to be image consultants and offer services to more ordinary clients instead of wealthy people only. In 2021, Wang introduced online courses for people who wanted to be confident with their outlook and online training courses for talents who wanted to be image consultants, in addition to providing personal shopping services for the wealthy.

"With image management, everyone is able to become more charming, and turn stylish in outlook, and confident and full of energy," says Wang.

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