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Chasing the dream

Updated: 2021-08-18 09:56 ( China Daily Global )
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From left: Actresses Ren Suxi, Zhou Yutong, Jin Jing and Sun Qian portray migrant workers seeking a new life in Beijing in the TV drama, Remembrance of Things Past, which has been well-received by many young viewers.[Photo provided to China Daily]

Commuters jam together in a subway carriage, tightly packed, like sardines in a can; anxiety overwhelms employees when rumors of job losses circulate in the workplace; and a young couple have a ferocious argument on the street. ...Everyday scenes, sure, but on this occasion, they have been filmed in an unorthodox manner in the TV series Remembrance of Things Past.

Hand-held cameras provide an immersive experience for the viewers, making them feel as if they are eavesdropping. The protagonists are beipiao, or migrants to Beijing, and are seeking a new life. They are also, of course, chasing the dream of success.

The series, with its realistic approach depicting the lives of urban workers in their 20s or 30s, all of whom have migrated from their hometowns to Beijing to find their calling in the big city, premiered last month on the videosharing platform Mango TV as well as Hunan Satellite TV.

It has received 8.3 points out of 10 on the review site Douban with many comments running along the lines of: "It portrays the daily life of migrants to big cities so honestly"; "I burst into tears several times when watching the drama as many of its scenarios struck a sympathetic chord in my heart";or "I feel deeply connected with every character".

Real situations are endured, as the often cruel hand of fate plays a leading role.

For instance, Qiao Xichen, one of the protagonists, goes back to her rented apartment-only to find the landlord has gained access and is trying to remove Qiao's meager belongings from the room. The apartment owner wants her evicted because he hasn't received rent in months.

But Qiao is not to blame. It turns out that she has already paid half a year's rent in advance to a broker that has since absconded without paying the landlord.

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