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An artist and poet who draws inspiration from business

Updated: 2018-08-07 14:57:35

( China Daily )

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The collection of Fu's poems. [Photo provided to China Daily]

Chapter and verse

Poems selected from Fu Yiqing's 35 Times Smooth Drifts, translated by Hua Ting.

I Heard

He said

Economic crisis at present

I believed

Recently he has been going out

With the same girl

He said

Hope the rent of chain hotel he managed

Is lower than girl's IQ


Transform friends to benefactors

He said

If a cat catches mouse

While considering how to pose beautifully




Wearing Prada

Talking about Socrates

Is fine of course

But still I just want to

Listen to Banshee

Read books

Not behave

You ask me with smile

How long are you going to deal with


Too Lazy to Talk

Morning fog

Like big white tongue

Rises slowly

Licks jet-legged Houhai

Sleepless last night

She ran away with herself

Worn out brain

Like and old cow

Squeezes out nothing

She is concerned about others'


Not incomprehension

Just like the rich people nowadays

Everyday when she looks into the mirror

Sees endangered species

Although she knows

Love is kind of eloquence

The kind of eloquence

Decides the kind of love

But she is

Too lazy to talk


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