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Shanghai Song and Dance Troupe

Updated: 2018-08-07 15:03:18

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The Shanghai Song and Dance Troupe was established in June 1979. In the last 20 years since its founded, the Troupe has devoted itself to creating and performing the national songs and dances, national dance dramas, vocal and instrumental programs. It rehearsed the full plays "Yue Fei, the National Hero", "Painted Skin", "Sister Snow", "Yanzhikou", "Golden Dance with Silver Decorations", "The Four Beauties Who Changed the History, and "Su Wu, the Shepherd in Exile". The Company accumulated a number of popular repertoires like "The New Galaxy", "Dance with Bamboo Flutes", "Metropolitan Trend", "Flying Snow Ushers in the spring, and other song and dance items which are widely acclaimed by the audience. There are other repertoires of the Company: "Golden Dance with Silver Decorations," The Woman Caused the Fall of the State", "Su Wu, the Shepherd in Exile", "'The Sparkling Red Star, "Flying Snow Ushers in the Spring", "Dance with Bamboo Flutes and The Soul of Terra-cotta Army of Qin Dynasty". The dancers' elegant postures and movements and the beautiful music have left an indelible impression on audience in more than 30 countries of the five continents.

People of talent came forth in large numbers in the Troupe. The representatives are: young dancer Huang Doudou (Grade l artist, his representative works are poetic dance drama "Su Wu, the Shepherd in Exile and solo dance "Drunken Drum), Wu Jiaqi, winner of gold and silver medals at national dance competition (her representative work is the Role of Dan), Hua Wen, (her representative work is "The Woman Caused the Fall of the State). Li Yiqian, Ding Yuehong, Wu Yizhang, Jiang Pengtao, Gao xun, Ge Min and young singer Yu Lihong, the winner of first prize of folk songs singing at the national TV competition (her representative work is "Apsaras), bamboo flute player Du Cong, winner of the National Golden Records Award (his representative works are "Olive Tree, and "Amorous Feelings on the Pamirs), and young singers He Jihong, Chai Zhixing and Sun Meina.


Address: No.1650, Hongqiaolu Road, Shanghai

Post code: 200336

Tel: (021) 62757639    62759967

Fax: (021) 62759642

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