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Song and Dance Ensemble of the Political Department of Shenyang Military Region

Updated: 2018-08-07 15:03:18

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Advance Song and Dance Ensemble of the Political Department of Shenyang Military Region
The Advance Song and Dance Ensemble attached to the Political Department of Shenyang Military Region of the PLA was founded in June 1955.

Over the past 40 odd years, the ensemble has created a number of remarkable programs including dance drama Butterfly and Flowers song and dance suite Melody of North Frontier, Song of Lei Feng; suite The Brightest Star on the Army Flag; dances Dragon Dance, On Sentry Duty for the First Time, Land of Three Thousand Miles, Uniform Is My Favorite Dress, Lei Feng Never Forgot His Past, Hero Dong Cunrui, Ready to Set-off, Battle Drum of Jinshan, Voiceless Song, Eight Female Martyrs, When I am a Soldier, Drum of Shenjing. King Qin Unifies the Country, Love, Moon over the Frontier, Love of White Birch and Women Warriors of the Yang Family; songs I Am a Soldier, Return from Target Practice, Soldiers of Party, On Guard for the Motherland, The Commanders Quilt, Taiwan Compatriots, Red Star Song, At the Place with Peach Blossom, Song of Yangtze River, Full Moon, Looking at the Starry Sky, Walking Along Liaohe River, The Glorious Youth League, North Frontier Is Connected with My Homeland, Our Hearts Are Close; instrumental music pieces Fish Song, Spring in the Step, Winter Hunting and Taihang Mountains; operas Ode to Red Heart, General Sabusu and General Shi Lang. Among them, Dragon Dance won the gold prize at the 6th World Youth Festival in 1957. Battle Drums of Jinshan was listed as the 20th Century Chinese Dance Classic and Song of Yangtze River as the 20thcentury Chinese Music Classic. Land of Three Thousand Miles was nominated as 20th Century Chinese Dance Classic. Its dances Battle Drum of Jinshan, Silk Flower Paintings and songs At the Place with Peach Blossom, Full Moon won the Army Arts Awards. At the Place with Peach Blossom also won the national gold song prize. The large-scale song and dance program Snow Flower won the 6th Wenhua Award for best new program, best performance, music and the 2ndmilitary Arts Award.

The Ensemble consists of a group of influential artists of the army and nation such as composers Tie Yuan, Ma Dengdi and Feng Yuling; song writers Wu Dawei and Hu Hongwei; dancers Men Wenyuan, Zhang Aijuan and choreographers Li Guangde, Gao Jiwu and Guan Meihua. Other Singers, musicians and dancers of the ensemble include Zhao Shijing, Ren Liwei, Yuan Kun, Zhang Lijun, Song Yanhong, Bi Cheng, Zhu Xiaohong, Zhang Jing, Liu Weixian, Li kejian, Chen Jie, Wen Jialiang, Zhang Qingmei, Yu Hongxin, Wang Mingzhu, Kong Yan, Chen Kai, Dong Huaxing, Yuan Shuai and Zhang Shen and stage designers Li Guangshun, Dong Zhengang and Wang Tong.

Address: No. 20, Beisanmalu Road, Heping District, Shenyang, Liaoning Province

Post code: 110001

Tel: (024) 23836466

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