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Song and Dance Ensemble of the Political Department of the Navy

Updated: 2018-08-07 15:03:18

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Song and Dance Ensemble of the Political Department of the Navy
The Song and Dance Ensemble of the Political Department of the Navy was founded in May 1951, on the basis of several cultural troupes of the 4thfield army.

The troupe has created and staged Red Coral, an opera that has become one of the Chinese operatic classics. Its repertoire includes dance Honor of Sailors, Dance of the Engineers, Huaxia Drum Beats and Fantasy of Anchor; Songs March of the People's Navy, Xisha Islands Are My Hometown, I Love the Blue Ocean, The Red Sun and Dear Chairman Mao, Night of Naval Port, The Running Spring Water, Dedicated Love, Fellow-townsmen, Wild Goose, Blue Sky and Blue Sea and Red Moon; cross talk A Factory of Hats and music pieces Brave Little Solder and Homeland. Parade, a large oil painting produced by the Ensemble, won the grand prize of the PLA arts Award.

The Ensemble has trained several generations of artists in the Navy including well-known singers Lu Wenke, Hu Baoshan, Bian Xiaozhen, Li Mo, Su Xiaoming and Li Jingxian; quyi performers Chang Baohua, Chang Guitian and Li Hongji; the international grand prize winner magician Yang Baolin and musicians Han fengtian, Yang Wentao and Li Xiangzhang. In the 1990s, a new generation of singers becomes popular throughout the country including Song Zuying, Fan Linlin, Lu Jihong and Chen Hong. Among them, Song Zuying won the first prize at the National Ethnic Vocal Music Contest and gold prize of the 5thNational TV Music Contest. Fan Linlin won the title as one of the ten best singers in TV and films. Lu Jihong won the art prize at the national singing contest organized by the Ministry of Culture. Chen Hong, a pop singer, won the second prize the 5thNational TV Contest for Young Singers.

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