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Song and Dance Ensemble of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region

Updated: 2018-08-07 15:03:18

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The Song and Dance Ensemble of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region was set up in September 1958. The Ensembles has created and performed songs and dances with a strong flavor of Muslim amorous feelings and has received high praised from the audience home and abroad. A large-scale Huaer song and dance drama Mansur, the nationality dance drama The Female in the Western Xia Region, the nationality song and dance The Local Style in the Western Xia Regime, the Hui nationality song and dance New Moon over Jiuzhou, the music and dance performance of Western Xia style The Qiang Bamboo Flute Winding in the Desert, the large-scale song and dance Spring Wave Beyond the Great Wall, the dances Happiness, The Mountain Boys; the symphony The Epic of Liupan Mountain, The second Suite-Skimming Over the Surface Beyond the Great Wall and The Dream of Persian Pot are all filled with the positive beauty of western China and the elegance of the art of Hui Nationality, winning national art awards many times. The song and Dance Ensemble was invited to participate in the Asian Pacific art festivals and global folklore art festivals and visited Canada, Senegal, Ghana, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, the United States, Malaysia, Djibouti, Niger, Togo, Nigeria and the Mali. The exquisite art has received unanimous praise from the audiences of various countries. In April, 1996, the Song and Dance Ensemble constituted China Art Group on behalf of China with the cultural group of Chinese government and visited the DPR Korea to take part in the grand performance of the Fortieth International Friendship Art in Pyongyang Festival and won seven golden awards, four silver awards and the group golden award.

The leading artists include Li Aihua, Chang Bo, Wang Xiaochun, Zhao Yuntai and Hua Zeqing.


Address: No.4, Wenhua East Street, Yinchuan City

Post code: 750004

Tel: (0951) 6025506    6022872

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