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Ethnic Song and Dance Ensemble of Hainan province

Updated: 2018-08-07 15:03:18

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Ethnic Song and Dance Ensemble of Hainan province

The Ethnic Song and Dance Ensemble of Hainan province, established in August 1992, was formerly named as the Ye County Ethnic Song and Dance Ensemble (1959-1992).

The Ensemble has created a lot of art programs with strong ethnic flavor which also vividly reflect contemporary social life. As early as in 1970s, the Ensemble staged such well-received program as dances Composing a Poem, From the Tianshan Mountain to the Wuzhishan Mountain, Li Ethnic Woman Electrician and Chasing. In 1980s, the Ensemble staged such prize-winning programs as Ancient Customs of the Miao Village, Drunken over Betel Nuts and Li ethnic dance Gangong Bird.

In 1990, the Ensemble has created and staged Ode to the Wuzhishan Mountain, Coconut Sisters, and Dance in the Wedding. In 1991, instrumental music Lilie and Dingdong won the Ensemble the title of Music of the Best Ethnic Artistic Features at the National Ethnic Culture Exposition.

The China Central Television has broadcast the Ensemble's song and dance programs such as Drumbeats of the Miao Village, Challenging the Heaven, The Tea Mountains and Charming Coconut Trees.

The Ensemble's leading artists include Sun Kai (second grade playwright, the representative work: Deer Looking Back), Wang Zhaojing (second grade composer, the representative work: Lilie and Dingdong), Zhao Yingping (third grade actor, the representative work: Looking for the Red Army), Mo Ke (third grade composer, the representative work: The Tea Mountains), Fu Qiming (third grade diretor, the representative work: Gangong Bird).

Address: Nonglin Road, Wuzhishan City, Hainan Province

Post code: 572200

Tel: (0899) 86622441

Fax: (0899) 86623815

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