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Song and Dance Ensemble of Anhui province

Updated: 2018-08-07 15:03:18

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Song and Dance Ensemble of Anhui province
The Song and Dance Ensemble of Anhui province was founded in June 1956. Over the last four decades, the Ensemble has staged scores of large-scale operas, dance dramas, symphonic and ethnic music pieces, mostly of strong ethnic and local flavor such as "Lanterns with Flower-drum Scenes," "Going Home Twice," "Fengyang Flower-drum," and "New Songs of Fengyang." Songs "Flowering Cherry and Going West out of Yangguan Pass won Creation Awards issued by the Ministry of Culture. The Ensemble's pipa performance won a Second Prize at the China National Pipa Invitational Competition. Dance "East Voyage scooped four awards at the second National Dance Competition. Large-scale flower-drum lantern song and dance drama "Peeping Into the Bridal Sedan was made into a color film by the Xi'an Film studio. In 1984, the Ensemble won 58 prizes with the new dance drama "Winter Orchid and others at the first Autumn of Jianghuai Song and Dance Festival. In recent years, the Ensemble has succeeded in staging a couple of gala performances such as "Ode to the Return of Hong Kong," Ode to the Army Day," "Beautiful Melody," "Keda University in My Heart and the Evening Party of the l8th National Philatelic Prize-presentation Ceremony. The Ensemble has toured Japan, the DPR Korea, Germany, Austria, Russia, Africa and Hong Kong region. In l985, the Ensemble was given an Excellent Performance Award at the Asian Music Festival.

Major artists of the Ensemble include Fang Junmo, Ye Zhiqiang, Pan Lingxin, Qiu Zhengdan, Zhang Fang and Pan Changqing.

Address: No.45, Shuguang Road, Hefei, Anhui province

Post code: 230022

Tel: (0551) 3633202

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