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Chinese Institute for Artistic Scientific and Technological Research

Updated: 2018-08-07 14:59:34

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Address: Bld.3, North Shenggu Road, Anzhenli, Eastern District, Beijing

Post Code: 100029 

Tel: (86-10) 64241288

The Chinese Institute for Artistic Scientific and Technological Research (CIASTR), founded in 1979, is a research institution under the Ministry of Culture.

Duties and tasks: To conduct research in new technologies of and to develop new stage lighting, sound and wireless control equipment; to collect and publicize information about new stage technologies, materials and achievements in stage sciences and technologies; to conduct acoustical research and tests for theaters and halls and to oversee reforms in musical instruments; and to stipulate related technological standards'

Establishment: CIASTR includes a General Office, No. 1 Research Department and No. 2 Research Department.

Major achievements: Since its establishment, CIASTR has realized several outstanding achievements, including an extension curtain machine; purity test of the color of stage lights; smoke agent for Wj performances; smoke for FY stage effect; artistic application of Laser; new technology of 5 grade stage boom governor; multi-functioned stage platform; and multi-colored lighting.

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