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Cultural Discovery Tour - Inner Mongolia

Updated: 2015-07-06 16:50:37

( Chinaculture.org )

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A group of diplomats from 15 countries travelled from Beijing to Inner Mongolia last week to explore the history and culture of the grassland during the third Cultural Discovery Tour from June 25-28.

Initiated by Chinese Ministry of Culture, the event has seen diplomats visiting Jiangxi's Jingde town last May and Fujian's Quanzhou city in Nov in the first two trips. 

Diplomats from 15 countries were guests at the third Cultural Discovery Tour of Inner Mongolia.

Ten cultural symbols reflecting Inner Mongolia's image, identity and values are being promoted.

A small art troupe founded six decades ago has grown into a household name in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

"Few foreigners know much about the 55 ethnic minority groups which comprise one in 10 Chinese people."

Unlike the Chinese opera, Mongolian music is thunderous and stentorian, like a drumming herd of horses.

If a marriage ceremony offers a snapshot of culture then a Mongolian wedding showcases it in Technicolor.



Austria Embassy counselor


      "I do see the 
development of   more establishments of cultural ties between Austria and Inner Mongolia. 

I'm very much looking forward that we do send some cultural productions so that they can experience a little bit of the Austrian culture in Mongolia."

Rafael Damian Deschka

Goethe-Institut China director

"This tour allowed us to experience these bridges, and we can create these bridges between Inner Mongolia and our countries in China.

It was a great experience, and we are going to continue building those bridges. It was a great pleasure."

Sulaiman Rabiu

Nigeria Embassy

"Let me join my colleagues in thanking the government of China, that is, the Ministry of Culture and the government of Inner Mongolia and all who participated in making this program a success.

And I can say the government has pride and preserves the culture, especially the ethnic groups."

Sukh-Erdene Dugersuren

Mongolia Embassy first secretary

"I would like to thank the people who put this event together, for their love and enthusiasm for preserving this culture.

The cultural preservation and the culture is most genuine and it's a good thing."

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