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Striving to keep a New Year tradition alive

2017-02-09 07:48:30

Elderly craftsmen fear for future of their art, a part of China's intangible cultural heritage that is fast disappearing Spring Festival is supposed to be a joyous occasion, but it has left Fang Zhida, 83, anxious. Days before the Lunar New Year, he locked himself in his studio to focus on an ancient folk art.

China rewrites single-day box office record

2017-01-31 10:18:51

China's box office raked in 802 million yuan (around $117 million) on Saturday, Lunar New Year's Day, setting a record for a single day.

A winter refuge from the cold and smog

2017-01-27 11:22:39

Island province proves popular with retirees, residents of northern cities hit by winter air pollution.

Location and tradition hold the key when it's time for tea

2017-01-27 10:54:03

Across China, different areas have generated and developed their own teahouse culture. In Zhejiang province, one of the tea producing areas, drinking tea and going to teahouses have long been away of life.

Winning blend makes return

2017-01-27 10:42:06

Teahouses regain their popularity, especially with the younger generation, after adapting to save their business amid cultural shifts.

Rooster: A good-luck charm or an inspiration for belligerence

2017-01-27 05:02:28

2017's zodiac animal is a domestic fowl that we consume without giving it much thought.

Sister Phoenix, part two

2017-01-23 07:24:28

Shortly after I finished last week's X-Ray column, titled The (r)evolution of an internet celebrity, it became instantly outdated. The twists have come on so inexorably that it may even turn into a serial melodrama.

Hainan wants bigger share of tourism pie

2017-01-21 10:10:52

The recent Hainan International Tourism Trade Expo in Sanya marks a major initiative by the southern island province to boost its visitor numbers.

Singing for the world proves worth the effort

2017-01-18 07:30:19

Many Chinese pop singers are polishing their English-language skills to speak-and sing-to a global audience.

Chinese funding fuels world cinema

2017-01-03 08:21:55

Cash-rich Chinese investors are increasingly visible on the international screen.

Will the Force be with China?

2016-12-29 07:44:28

The Star Wars franchise has been a victim of both timing and cultural expectations in China's movie market.

Chinese film market matures as growth slows in 2016

2016-12-26 15:38:28

Growth of China's film market appears to have slowed in 2016, signaling more rational and sustainable development, according to industry professionals.

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