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Walking a fine line

2017-05-31 08:18:22

Slacklining, which originated in the United States when rock climbers looked for ways to hone their skills, is today a growing sport in China.

Time for a last adventure

2017-05-31 07:31:28

Fresh graduates seek group holidays and solitary escapes before leaping into the working world.

Direct from the horse's mouth

2017-05-27 09:34:51

In many fields of expertise, advice and help from someone in the know is just a few clicks away.

Chinese outbound tourism not an 'evolution', but 'a revolution': UNWTO official

2017-05-10 08:22:39

The development of China as a source market for international tourism over recent years is not so much an "evolution" but a "revolution", said a high-ranking member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

Big data lab aims to help meet tourist needs

2017-05-06 07:15:09

A new big data lab will help analysts in the travel business track how consumers use all kinds of tourism products.

Pure poetry that has China achatter

2017-05-06 07:14:10

Soon after the program Rendezvous With Chinese Poetry returned to television screens two months ago, it was pulling in the kinds of audiences that you would normally only associate with a top-notch reality TV show.

Poetry and the art of general mechanics

2017-05-06 07:14:10

It all comes down to how books deal with the tight, dark confines of a school bag: Can an anthology of poetry live amicably with a manual on general mechanics?

Readers on rise, mostly in digital

2017-04-19 07:38:44

Chinese adults read an average of just under eight books in 2016 - a tiny increase of 0.02 percent over 2015 - while a rapid increase of 6.1 percent was seen in the number of people reading digital content.

Online writers find path to become millionaires

2017-04-18 15:33:49

Online writer Tangjiasanshao, or Zhang Wei, took the crown again on the latest income ranking list of Chinese online writers.

HK exhibition to show ink-art's evolution

2017-04-10 09:28:15

How has contemporary Chinese art been evolving over the past decade? The answer will be found at a contemporary ink exhibition that opens on June 1, at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

New data reveals trends during Qingming holiday

2017-04-06 14:07:03

The latest data from China National Tourism Administration has revealed the three-day Qingming holiday, the first public holiday since the Spring Festival, has been the most popular break for family tours and self-drive tours.

Plan to revitalize traditional crafts

2017-04-05 07:18:49

A new plan aimed at further promoting traditional Chinese crafts, especially those listed as part of the country's intangible cultural heritage, has been issued by the State Council, China's Cabinet.

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