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China's documentary industry generates billions

2018-04-19 09:46:38

2017 was a year worth celebrating for Chinese documentary investors and producers.

British art exports to China surge 350 percent in 2017

2018-04-17 16:30:23

Art exports from the United Kingdom to China rose more than 350 percent in 2017, according to newly released figures from the UK tax authorities.

Hollywood gets wakeup call from China's box office

2018-04-09 10:25:44

Hollywood knew it was coming, just not this soon.

Striking the right balance

2018-03-28 07:48:51

A boom in online pay-by-credit services may be helping to fuel growth in China's consumer sector, but the system is not without its pitfalls.

Job-hopping generation

2018-03-14 07:38:21

Young people born after 1990 grew up in an era of relative affluence, and change employers frequently for individual goals.

A new kind of platform

2018-03-07 09:16:35

Pu Shu has performed in arenas, theaters and outdoor music festivals across the country surrounded by cheering fans and massive luminous glowing sticks.

New Spring Festival trends in China

2018-02-27 09:36:13

Traditional celebrations for the Chinese New Year have been given a modern touch: family reunion dinners on lunar New Year's Eve have gradually moved from home tables to restaurants; sending and receiving digital red envelopes is all the rage; traveling, cinema- and museum-going with family members prevail as holiday activities.

Chinese wood carving experiencing a renaissance

2018-02-24 15:07:12

Hu Xianmin is in the midst of carving the scenes of a famous oil painting onto a piece of teakwood the length of a snooker cue.

Tech boom drawing more graduates back

2018-02-07 09:15:55

Chinese graduates from foreign universities are returning home in bigger numbers than ever before, as the strength of the Chinese economy and the technology industry in particular being cited among a number of significant factors, Forbes has reported.

Gamers jump to 'Travel Frog'

2018-01-31 07:28:18

A mobile game about an amphibian's wanderlust has become wildly popular among young Chinese.

Chinese oracle bone inscriptions current with modern popularity

2018-01-26 10:27:15

Chinese oracle bone inscriptions have been included on the UNESCO Memory of the World Register ever since last November, according to the UNESCO website. The Chinese oracle bone inscriptions are springing up as a new cultural hot spot in China.

New horizon

2018-01-26 08:43:20

Ten young female scientists are honored in China for their pursuit of academic excellence.

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