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Using the 'fan economy' to build franchises

2016-09-17 07:49:24

iQiyi, the web-based entertainment arm of Chinese tech giant Baidu, will start to broadcast in October, a series based on the popular crime novel Mei Ren Wei Xian that loosely translates to "beauty lies within the dumpling", in a first major exploration of its franchise-building abilities, a senior company executive says.

Passion for ballet's graceful moves takes off

2016-09-16 09:49:26

Classes popping up everywhere, a reflection of increasing consumer disposable incomes

Beware of the unqualified plastic surgeons

2016-09-16 09:47:30

About 60 percent of the complications caused by cosmetic injections in China were reported at unlicensed institutions, top specialists estimate, urging beauty pursuers to seek services from qualified hospitals and physicians.

Rappers bring real China to the world

2016-09-13 07:51:22

CD Rev, a rap group from Chengdu, Sichuan province, is expected to release a new single, This Is Our Generation, in October, a sign of the rising popularity of using rap to explain China to the outside world.

Reviving a grand spectacle

2016-09-13 07:21:52

If it is grand traditional Mongolian wedding ceremonies you want to see, there's one man you can count on.

Painters' village on the canvas as slowdown bites

2016-08-25 08:14:00

Dafen was once a world-leader in the production of oil paintings, but the fragile global economy and China's slowing growth is forcing artists to adapt to a new reality. Zhou Mo reports from Shenzhen, Guangdong province.

Unease over 'old' film nominations

2016-08-25 07:59:19

Which movie will win an award at China's most influential film festival in September? It could be a film you saw back in 2014.

Feeling the fun

2016-08-15 07:15:18

The accidental fame of Chinese swimmer Fu Yuanhui speaks to the gradual shift of public fixation from medals to personal magnetism.

When race matters

2016-08-08 07:25:37

Whether the casting is historically accurate or racially blind, Hollywood screen choices will be dictated more by market forces.

The new generation

2016-07-26 08:20:25

"They had their never-to-be-repeated opportunities, while we have our vision and learning," said Wang Ge, comparing the older generation of dealers with the new kids on the block, such as her.

Market meltdown leaves antiques dealers on the shelf

2016-07-26 08:20:25

China's collectibles' market hit a high in 2011, but then the bubble burst, leaving private vendors and craftsman desperate for sales.

Museum a model of flood control

2016-07-26 07:51:41

When media published a set of photos showing the 600-year-old Palace Museum, or Forbidden City, free of floods despite the heavy rain on July 20, online discussions quickly followed.

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