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China looks to take next step in global art world

2017-04-04 08:56:23

Auctioneers must improve integrity to move up to the next level.

5,000 years on, the Yellow Emperor still a unifying force

2017-04-03 08:28:36

Ancient ancestor who links the Chinese diaspora is helping a county overcome modern issues, report Huo Yan in Huangling, Shaanxi, and Li Yang in Beijing.

When one job isn't enough

2017-03-22 07:17:57

The Western trend of taking on several jobs at once has arrived in China.

Urban exploration

2017-03-15 08:15:35

Dressed in a dark blue waterproof hooded jacket, sporting sleek outdoor shoes and carrying a light backpack, 33-year-old architect Zhang Yu has a hobby that involves the city's skyscrapers and bridges.

Folk music popular again in China

2017-03-13 13:57:29

Recently a contestant on a televised talent show, Zhao Lei's performance has helped bring folk music back to center stage in China.

China leads global art market despite world gloom

2017-03-02 14:21:45

China has overtaken the United States as the world's largest art market amid a sharp drop in global art sales, according to an annual report released by France-based website Artprice.com on Monday.

The gray areas of our dependence on the devices

2017-03-01 07:56:02

Yang Yifan is bionic. In a sense, that is. "My phone is part of my body," the 19-year-old says.

Is internet lingo making us vulgar?

2017-03-01 07:56:02

Internet lingo, a linguistic phenomenon that originated with young web users, has become an increasingly interesting part of online culture.

Stage meets screen

2017-02-10 08:04:04

An entrepreneur aims to bring live theater and cinema closer through a history-themed entertainment project. Wang Kaihao reports.

Striving to keep a New Year tradition alive

2017-02-09 07:48:30

Elderly craftsmen fear for future of their art, a part of China's intangible cultural heritage that is fast disappearing Spring Festival is supposed to be a joyous occasion, but it has left Fang Zhida, 83, anxious. Days before the Lunar New Year, he locked himself in his studio to focus on an ancient folk art.

China rewrites single-day box office record

2017-01-31 10:18:51

China's box office raked in 802 million yuan (around $117 million) on Saturday, Lunar New Year's Day, setting a record for a single day.

A winter refuge from the cold and smog

2017-01-27 11:22:39

Island province proves popular with retirees, residents of northern cities hit by winter air pollution.

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