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Pasta imperfect as noodle sales drop

2016-07-18 09:27:31

Sales of instant noodles have been on a five-year decline in China, which may be the outcome of many unrelated factors. Higher purchasing power and more sophisticated palates are two obvious culprits, but so is the law of gravity.

Tencent to acquire China's leading music operator

2016-07-17 09:22:47

Chinese internet giant Tencent has reportedly agreed to acquire China's leading online music provider "China Music Corp" for roughly $2.7 billion.

Curse of the honey pot

2016-07-11 07:24:55

Wendi Deng might have envied Tian Pujun.

Digital tracks remedy Chinese music industry

2016-07-08 13:30:00

As China introduces tougher measures to protect music copyright and more Chinese music-lovers are willing to pay money to download the latest pop songs, the Chinese music industry, in the era of digital music, seems to be gaining momentum again.

Creativity or copying

2016-07-04 07:44:28

How should a filmmaker acknowledge his source material? Many may err on the side of imprudence and a few on the side of caution.

Turning art into business

2016-06-28 07:45:26

Huayi Brothers Media chairman Wang Zhongjun, 56, a billionaire and art collector, has turned his attention to art trading and plans to set up an auction house in Shanghai this year.

Shift in movie-watching culture also driving China to the top

2016-06-23 08:53:13

It's only a matter of time before China overtakes the United States to top the world's movie market, in terms of box-office returns, says 20th Century Fox's China office head.

More trips to cater to Chinese kids

2016-06-22 10:09:09

More Chinese parents are planning trips to cater to kids, especially as the semester break begins.

Theme park performances to go virtual

2016-06-22 10:05:48

The realities of China's theme parks may soon undergo a virtual transformation-in every sense. Indeed, virtual reality's proliferation means Chinese can instantly experience not only any place in the world but also places that exist only in one's imagination.

Global Stage for China's writers

2016-06-22 07:45:18

More books from the country are arriving on shelves overseas, as the China Book International project launched a decade ago comes of age.

Coloring books, coloring culture

2016-06-22 07:31:38

Coloring books are taking on a new role as museums try to popularize historical relics through giving them a place in people's lives.

Made for China: Having it both ways

2016-06-20 07:25:44

Both Hollywood and China's film industry have been searching for the secret formula for global hits. Before they find it, 'made for China'-with Chinese money and US talent-seems to be a tantalizing option.

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