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Kung fu for the future

2017-08-30 07:04:04

Young practitioners are helping to preserve and promote Chinese martial arts. Zhang Zefeng reports.

Healthy eating lifestyle trending among Chinese youngsters

2017-08-13 15:31:06

Still obsessed with China's many, diverse cuisines? That may not be the case for Chinese youngsters anymore, as healthy eating has become the norm for them. Following the trend, an increasing number of light food restaurants have created a buzz in many Chinese cities.

On the horse of high expectations

2017-08-12 09:34:06

An industry whose foundations were laid in the shadows of Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs looks for a return of the good old days.

Enlivening the news

2017-08-08 07:52:32

China Daily's Greg Fountain has become a social media celebrity as the host of the 'Good Luck China' series of short videos. Andrew Moody reports.

Amazon unveils Chinese people's favorite books

2017-07-28 08:59:47

Amazon China, one of the largest online booksellers, unveiled the bestselling books in China for the first half of 2017 on Tuesday, disclosing Chinese people's reading habits.

200 years on: Jane Austen still popular in China

2017-07-24 09:53:05

Jane Austen’s oeuvres have been grabbing Chinese readers' attentions for decades now. And as the world celebrated the 200th anniversary of her death earlier this week, Chinese fans recall their first encounter with the English novelist.

'The Rap of China' turns underground music into mainstream hits

2017-07-24 09:43:26

"Do you have freestyle?" That's the buzz word in China these days. The catchphrase came from “The Rap of China”, the country’s first talent show that centers on hip-hop artists, many of them previously underground.

Stays away

2017-07-24 07:28:52

Young Chinese travelers are increasingly opting out of traditional hotels in favor of shared accommodation. Yang Feiyue reports.

Seeking new opportunities

2017-07-22 10:47:44

Now that graduation season has come to an end, many foreign students aim to stay in Guangzhou and find work

Charms of the county

2017-07-22 10:03:53

Stunning natural scenery, fascinating ethnic culture, patriotic red tourism and its convenient transport links are attracting a growing number of visitors to Libo county

Bloody marys and Andy Warhol provide an exotic rustic mix

2017-07-22 09:35:02

As dusk falls on Bishan village in Anhui province a bar is crammed with villagers downing bloody marys and margaritas after a hard day's toil on the farm.

Rural folks, rural strokes

2017-07-22 09:01:46

They fled to the cities looking for opportunities, but now they have returned to their country roots, conquered by the power of art and culture

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