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Teens get a kick as kung fu's appeal rises

2020-09-10 07:50

Upon the signal of the judge, a girl dressed in black with a broadsword in her hand suddenly appeared, changing her movements quickly with the dazzling glint of the sword, which emitted a soft whistle as it sliced through the air.

Healthy approach as China takes leading global green role

2020-09-10 07:45

Technology and machines have drastically changed our way of life and improved the way we think and work over the years, especially through applications like WeChat or Didi.

Tourism industry representatives voice confidence in China's recovery at int'l fair

2020-09-09 12:10

At the 2020 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) held in Beijing, how to recover global tourism is one of the topics that has attracted industry representatives from across the world.

TCM expands global presence amid COVID-19 fight

2020-09-08 15:08

As Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) shows its potential in the fight against COVID-19, events featuring TCM have become highlights of the ongoing 2020 China International Fair for Trade in Services.

Upcoming fest has coffee lovers abuzz

2020-09-08 09:43

For serious devotees of the world's most popular caffeinated beverage, life is too short for bad coffee.

Flower business in full blossom for traders

2020-09-08 07:30

Wang Xiuhua began planting flowers in Dounan village, Yunnan province, in 1989 after she saw other residents grow plants and sell them. Prior to that, she lived by planting vegetables, which was more labor-demanding and could only produce enough profit to feed her family.

International, friendly atmosphere attracts overseas professionals

2020-09-05 16:32

Foreign professionals are attracted to the strong international atmosphere and friendly urban environment in Beijing's Chaoyang district.

Coffee culture hits new highs

2020-07-03 07:15

The meteoric rise in the number of specialty cafes in Shanghai shows that Chinese consumers aren't just drinking more coffee-they are becoming more sophisticated as well.

Instant Chinese delicacies a big hit

2020-06-15 13:52

Instant hot and sour rice noodles, instant snail rice noodles, self-heating hotpots -- China's slew of instant delicacies are stimulating the country's economy.

Bring a touch of drama to your wardrobe

2020-05-25 09:25

Bring a touch of the dramatic to your wardrobe with these statement-makers for men and women

Larger than life

2020-05-25 08:30

Manish Arora makes some of fashion's most artful creations – and his AW20 collection is gallery-worthy.

The wind of change

2020-05-13 07:59

Traditional Chinese musical instrument, the suona, is enjoying a popular revival thanks to the power of social media, Chen Nan reports.

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