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Kaiyuan temple: Exemplifier of Buddhist culture

2014-12-03 09:27:21

The cultural discovery tour to the port city of Quanzhou by a group of diplomats based in China included a wide range of local wonders. The landmark attraction, Kaiyuan temple, was certainly high up on the schedule.

Sino-Russian Cultural Forum:Boosting exchange in the younger generation

2014-12-01 17:32:41

Young representatives and scholars from culture circles in China and Russia made a joint call in Beijing to young peoples from both countries and around the world to enhance dialogue and mutual understanding through cultural exchange and cooperation.

China-UK cultural exchange year: inspire 'next generation'

2014-12-01 11:02:56

With the China-UK cultural exchange year 2015 just around the corner, a series of activities and performances are being intensively prepared. According to an exclusive interview with Nick Marchant, the art director of the British Council in China, by China Daily in Beijing in the middle of November, “next generation” would be a key word for the events ahead.

Sino-Russian cultural exchange hitting new heights

2014-11-28 15:12:05

The second Sino-Russian Cultural Forum kicked off in Beijing on Nov 27. Chinese Vice Minister of Culture Ding Wei, Russia's Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky and representatives of cultural circles from both countries attended the opening ceremony of the three day event.

Quanzhou Maritime Museum, rich in ocean culture

2014-11-28 10:32:55

As part of the cultural discovery tour to the port city Quanzhou in Fujian province, a group of diplomats based in China visited the city’s landmark attraction - Quanzhou Maritime Museum.

New wave of Chinese ethnic culture craze coming

2014-11-11 14:22:46

The first Yan HuangArtand Culture Festival kicked off inBeijingon Nov 8.

Thirst for Chinese culture, help urgently needed

2014-11-06 17:52:32

The situation is very serious.” These five words were shown on the presentation screen when Turkish scholar Bülent Okay gave a speech at the Symposium on China Studies 2014

Contemporary Sinology: an answer for the world?

2014-11-05 08:37:21

When asked about “Sinology” and “Chinese values”, people will immediately think of Confucianism and rapid economic growth, yet the answer is so much more than that. The Symposium on China Studies 2014 has answered it all well.

No politics, no propaganda, only China

2014-10-31 10:03:02

Ding Wei, the vice-minister of culture, said the world needs to see the "true China" at the closing ceremony of the second Symposium on China Studies in Beijing.

2nd Symposium on China Studies kicks off in Beijing

2014-10-29 17:12:39

The three-day 2nd symposium on China Studies kicked off in Beijing on Oct 28 and more than 30 Sinologists and scholars from 18 countries gathered to share their understanding, ideas and love for Chinese culture.

Cultural Ministry press conference held in Beijing

2014-10-21 16:09:49

The fourth quarter press conference of China's Ministry of Culture (MOC) was held in Beijing on Oct 20. Plans to help flourish art creation and improve the country's public cultural services were publicized.

Innovated program promotes Chinese works to global audience

2014-09-23 17:08:10

As part of Visiting Program on the Translation of Contemporary Chinese Works, an innovative “matching-making” effort was organized on Sept 18.

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