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The economy and culture of Shanrong Nationality

2014-12-30 09:50:41

The Spring and Autumn and Warring States periods saw Shanrong nationality frequently push deeply into the border area of its neighboring states

Birth customs of the Lisu

2014-12-30 09:49:05

The Lisu women are not obliged to abstain from certain foods during pregnancy and they go about their household duties as long as they are able.

Tayaoniang - A Song-and-Dance Drama

2014-12-30 09:47:44

Otherwise known as Tanrongniang, Tayaoniang is a folk song-and-dance drama originated in the Northern and Southern Dynasties and popular in the Tang Dynasty.

Zongzi (rice dumplings) in various countries and regions

2014-12-30 09:45:44

It is a Chinese tradition to eat rice dumplings, or Zongzi, at the Dragon Boat Festival.

Folk arts and festivities - The Dragon Boat Festival

2014-12-30 09:43:49

The dragon boat festival is a totem festival. Falling on the 5th of the fifth lunar month, it is close to the summer solstice.

Mazu culture and Xunpu women

2014-12-30 09:40:56

In Quanzhou, there is a small coastal fishing village with its own unique traditions.

Full contact with the Walking Marriage of Mosuo People

2014-12-30 09:39:27

The Lugu Lake is situated in a place where Southwest China's Yunnan Province and Sichuan Province meet.

Top five Chinese houses you cannot miss to experience ancient folk customs

2014-12-30 09:38:07

Folk residences are the earliest architectural types in the history of China.

Shehuo Ladle Mask

2014-12-30 09:35:49

Shehuo ladle mask is mainly painted on the wooden ladle – a utensil used to scoop water or grain in ancient China, so it is called ladle mask.

Hakka Tulou Houses of Yongding County

2014-12-30 09:34:37

The Tulou house is a kind of large scale residential building that provides a place for clansmen to live compactly.

A history of Chinese tattoos and Chinese tattooing traditions

2014-12-30 09:32:39

Chinese tattoos have become a raging phenomenon among tattoo enthusiasts of the western world.

Tea gifts in marriage custom

2014-12-30 09:29:45

Tea gift, or “Tea Silver”, is a sort of betrothal gifts. In the Tang Dynasty, tea was an indispensable gift in marriage.

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