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Agreement will drive tourism in China and France

2021-08-24 10:08

A new agreement between China and France allowing for mutual recognition of driving licenses is good news for reviving tourism between the two countries, says a travel agent based in Paris.

Written into existence

2021-08-20 15:09

When Sun Yisheng was a high school student, he had a deep fear that he actually did not exist.

Beijing bookstores to benefit from new incentives

2021-08-20 08:10

As a bibliophile, Li Suwan had long harbored a dream of running a bookshop. In 2018, she realized that dream, beginning her career as a shopkeeper in downtown Beijing at the age of 36.

Exploring the past

2021-08-19 08:34

A new Chinese film on the abolition of feudal system in the Xizang autonomous region, which had enabled an upper class to oppress serfs and slaves, is set for domestic theatrical release on Sept 3.

Together in chorus

2021-08-18 12:19

Editor's note: From arts and crafts to knowledge and skills, China's intangible cultural heritage is invaluably embedded in its ethnic communities. This series looks at the latest efforts to preserve and promote the country's inherited traditions and living expressions.

What's on

2021-08-16 10:29

More than 1,200 photos and videos are on show at Xibei, an exhibition through Aug 29, at the Museum of Contemporary Art Yinchuan in the Ningxia Hui autonomous region.

Menu of ambition

2021-08-16 08:41

Thirty-two chefs across China took part in a new reality TV show, The Honorable Chef, which premiered on July 28 on the streaming platform iQiyi, cooking up a storm for winning the opportunity to open their own restaurants.

Couple relishes rural life and home comforts

2021-08-16 08:09

Located in East China's Jiangxi province, Wuyuan is known as one of the most beautiful scenic areas in China, with a forest coverage rate of 82.64 percent. It is also dotted with historical sites and ancient buildings of the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1911) featuring the exquisite Huizhou style.

Conference serves needs of overseas startup businesses

2021-08-14 10:25

The Overseas Talent Entrepreneurship Conference held annually in Beijing's Chaoyang district has become an one-stop service platform for overseas entrepreneurs earning wide recognition, according to district officials.

China makes progress in creating wholesome fan culture

2021-08-14 10:05

China has made progress in creating a wholesome fan culture after special operations against law-breaking and improper acts in the world of entertainment fandom.

Art of friendship

2021-08-13 12:25

The works of Liu Xiaodong, the Chinese realistic painter, are now on show at UCCA Edge in Shanghai.

Painter bares his soul and frame of mind

2021-08-13 09:15

Art, involving as it does an expression of talent and awareness to be placed in full public view, can be a lonely occupation. For many artists, the struggle to create is worth it when the audience can get a glimpse into the artist's soul.

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