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Celebrities turn into public educational examples: Good or bad?

2016-05-06 11:34

As the entertainment industry booms in China, celebrities are becoming an integral part of people's cultural life, and even in education.

Lending a hand to autism sufferers

2016-05-06 08:35

A private facility is doing its bit to help as autism afflicts a growing number of children in China. Wang Zhen in Beijing and Liu Mingtai in Jilin report.

Palace Museum confirms ancient relics find

2016-05-06 08:06

The Palace Museum in Beijing confirms discovery of relics from the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) that were buried underground for six centuries.

Excavations of Haihunhou's coffin enter later cleaning up phase

2016-05-05 17:07

Archaeological excavations of the interior coffin of Haihunhou have entered later cleaning up phase. More than 10,000 cultural relics have been unearthed from the tomb since 2011.

Sun Zhijun: Another father of The Rickshaw Boy

2016-05-05 15:28

Born in 1907, Sun Zhijun adapted Chinese writer Lao She (Shu Qinchun)'s The Rickshaw Boy into comic strips three times.

French couple's image collection exhibited in Shanghai

2016-05-05 15:02

More than 20 sets of moving images collected by a French couple are on display in Shanghai.

Media preview of Christie's HK 2016 Spring Auction

2016-05-05 14:01

Photo taken on May 4, 2016 shows a pair of ruby earrings for auction at a media preview of Christie's Hong Kong 2016 Spring Auction in Hong Kong, South China.

Over 15 pct of China's population are over 60

2016-05-05 11:21

China had 222 million people aged 60 years or older as of the end of last year, accounting for 16.1 percent of its total population, a senior official announced Tuesday.

Art imagines celebrities as seniors

2016-05-05 10:03

Photo artists in the US have produced a series of images that make pictures of shining young celebrities "time travel" into their old age.

Where's the style

2016-05-05 08:57

Cai Guo-qiang raises the question of innovation in contemporary Chinese art through an exhibition.

Kunqu veterans to stage Beijing show in honor of ancient art form

2016-05-05 08:20

It is unlikely that Zhang Shizheng will forget the spring of 1956.

Culture Insider: Five things you may not know about the Start of Summer

2016-05-05 08:00

The traditional Chinese lunar calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms. Start of Summer (Chinese: 立夏), the 7th term of the year, begins on May 5 and ends on May 19 this year.

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