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Mobile reading, a trend among Chinese internet users

2016-05-17 10:24

The report shows that more than 70% of internet users read on their phone for one to three hours every day.

World's oldest tea goes on display this week

2016-05-17 08:14

Tea unearthed from the 2,100-year-old tomb of an emperor will be displayed at a museum in northwestern China this week.

Versatile artist Wang puts on a stunning display

2016-05-17 08:14

Artist Wang Yong has had a passion for calligraphy, Chinese painting and seal cutting since the age of 12. And his solo show in Taiyuan, in Shanxi province, offers a glimpse into the world of the versatile artist's understanding of traditional Chinese art.

Firing up an ancient art

2016-05-17 08:05

Japanese craftsman re-creates a rare style of Song Dynasty porcelain that has been long lost in China.

Treasured stone houses become art haven

2016-05-17 08:04

When she arrived in Pingtan's Beigang village last year, Taiwan backpacker Alice Lin was obsessed with both the beautiful scenery and the unique stone houses in the coastal countryside.

Rare treasures go on sale

2016-05-17 07:39

A rare stem cup from the Ming Dynasty is among dozens of Chinese antiques, such as porcelain vases and bowls, jade articles and Ming-style furniture, which will go under the hammer later this month.

Media mogul buys Song Dynasty letter for $31.7m

2016-05-17 03:16

A Song Dynasty (960-1279) calligraphic letter of 124 characters was sold for 207 million yuan ($31.7 million) to Chinese media mogul and art collector Wang Zhongjun at a Beijing auction on Sunday night.

Teddy bear warriors on display in East China

2016-05-16 17:43

Teddy bear warriors on display in East China


Hundreds of Taoists worship Laojun Mountain

2016-05-16 15:58

Hundreds of Taoists pay homage to the Laojun Mountain in Luoyang, Central China's Henan Province, May 15, 2016.

UK stage plays to screen in China to mark Shakespeare's death

2016-05-16 15:09

Shakespeare plays recorded by the Royal Shakespeare Company are to be screened in Beijing and Shanghai to mark the 400th anniversary of the British playwright's death.

Two books illustrate beauty of 100 birds and insects

2016-05-16 14:59

A Trip to Nature: The Most Beautiful Birds, andA Trip to Nature: The Most Beautiful Insects, which went on sale in Shanghai on May 14. Published by The Commercial Press, the two books belong to the Press's upcoming natural history series.

Chinese language is difficult to learn, sure, but outdated? No!

2016-05-16 14:55

Everyone knows that the Chinese language is one of the most difficult languages in the world, but is it "backwards" or "unsuitable for the modern age" as some in the West says it is?

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