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China ABC
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Artists and Works

·Paintings by Giuseppe Castiglione

·Qi Baishi, Artist of the People

·Xu Beihong, Pioneer of Contemporary Realistic Painting

·The Eight Eccentric Painters of Yangzhou

·Skillful Court Lady Painters

·Wu Daozi, Sage in Chinese Painting

·Dunhuang Murals

·Lei Zhongxun, a painter of the West Regions

·Xu Bochu: An Artist Who Links Arts with Sciences

·The Gifts of a Legendary Artist

·Wang Jianhua: art with bronze wire

·Painter of Great Men: Wei Chuyu

·Painter Fu Baoshi

·Zhang Daqian: A Fervent Lover of China

·Xu Beihong: Teacher, Artist, Activist and Patriot

·The Legacy of Qi Gong: China's Living National Treasure

·Fan Zeng: One of the Modern Greats

·Yongle Palace Mural

·Qingming Festival by the Riverside

·Han Xizai at Night Dinner Painting

·Earliest Chinese Landscape Painting

·Luoshen Appraisal Painting

·Totem Worship: Colored Pottery Basin

·Great Painter and Engraver of Sea Painting School: Wu Changshuo

·Most Outstanding Painter of Eight Eccentrics: Zheng Banqiao

·Ba Da Shan Ren -- There Are More Tears Than Ink in My Paintings

·High-Ranking Official Painter: Wang Yuanqi

·Gem of Painting in Ming Dynasty: Dong Qichang

·Master of Xie Yi Paintings: Xu Wei

·Founding Father of the Wumen School: Shen Zhou

·Founding Father of Zhe School: Dai Jin

·Most Outstanding Painter of Yuan Dynasty: Huang Gongwang

·Great Painter and Calligrapher: Zhao Mengfu

·Emperor Painter: Zhao Ji

·Initiator of Scholar Painting: Su Shi

·Art Historian: Zhang Yanyuan

·Representative Painters of Modern Times

·Four Wangs and Four Monk Painters

·Four Great Painters of Yuan Dynasty

·Four Great Painters in Southern Song Dynasty





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