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Revolutionary Sites

·Old Residence of Zhu De

·Old Residence of Zhou Enlai

·Former Site of All-China Federation of Trade Unions

·Former Sites of 7th and 8th Red Army Headquarters

·Site of CPC Central Committee's Central Plains Bureau

·Former Site of Yunnan Army Military Institute

·Yuhuatai Martyrs Cemetery

·Monument to Martyrs in the Movement to Protect Railway Projects

·Former Sites of the Hunan-Western-Hubei Base

·Wanghailou Church

·Revolutionary Site of Wayaobao

·Tangzi Street Frescoes of Taiping Heavenly Kingdom

·Residence of Prince Shi of Taiping Heavenly Kingdom

·Old Residence of Sun Yat-sen

·Old Residence of Ren Bishi

·Old Residence of Qiu Jin

·Former Site of Pingjiang Uprising

·Ruins of Pingdingshan Massacre

·Former Site of Ningdu Uprising Headquarters

·Tomb of Nie Er

·Old Residence of Mao Dun

·Longhua Memorial Place for Revolutionary Martyrs

·Old Residence of Liu Shaoqi

·Liugong Island Memorial Place for Anti-Japanese War of 1894-95

·Tomb of Lin Zexu

·Old Residence of Li Dazhao

·Old Residence and Tomb of Huang Xing

·Site of the Huangpu Military Academy

·Old Residence of Hong Xiuquan

·Site of Headquarters of Fourth Front Army of Red Army

·Hong'an Qiliping Revolutionary Site

·Site for the First Congress of the KMT

·Old Residence of Guo Moruo

·Tomb of Feng Yuxiang

·Former site of Hubei-Henan-Anhui Border Revolutionary Base

·Dagu Fort

·Mausoleum of Chen Jiageng

·Changting Revolutionary Site

·Ruins of the Tingsi Bridge Battle in the Northern Expedition

·Former Site of the 8th Route Army (ERA) Xi'an Office





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