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·Site of Zhongshan Ancient City

·Site of the Old Summer Palace

·Site of Shangdu of Yuan Dynasty

·Yumen Pass and Beacon Tower Site on the Great Wall

·Site of Yuwang City

·Site of Yecheng City

·Site of Yan City

·Xuecheng Site

·Xihoudu Site

·Site of the Ancient City in Xihai Prefecture

·Taosi Site

·Luoyang City of Sui and Tang Dynasties

·Shuidonggou Site

·Site of Qiong Kiln in Shifangtang

·Site of Shang City in Shixianggou

·Site of the Shanglinhu Yue Kiln

·Pits of Sacrifice at Sanxing

·Qujialing Site

·Site of Qudougong Dehua Kiln

·Yongcheng Site of Qin

·Sites of Xianyang City and Palaces of the Qin Dynasty

·Site of Puyulu Ancient City

·Site of Pingliangtai Ancient City

·Pingcheng Site

·Panlong City Site

·Niuheliang Site

·Majiayao Site

·Machangyuan Site

·City Site in the State of Loulan

·Liulihe Site

·Fossil Site of Lama Ape Man

·Juyan Site

·Juntai Jun Kiln Site

·Jinniushan Site

·Jiangnu Stone Site

·Site of Ding Kiln in Jianci Village

·Site of the Yaozhou Kiln in Huangpu Town

·Site of Hexian Ape Man

·Gaxian Cave Site

·Erlitou Site

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