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·Zengchong Drum Tower

·Zhakou White Pagoda

·Main Hall of Zhaoren Temple

·Zhenguo Temple

·Zhengyang Gate

·Zhili Provincial Governors Office

·Zhuokeji Tusiguan Village

·Yunyan Temple

·Yunlong Temple Pagoda

·Yueyang Tower

·Yuelu Academy

·Jade Emperor Temple

·Forest of Pagodas at Silver Mountain

·108 Pagodas

·Xuanzhen Temple

·Xuguo Stone Memorial Archway

·Xingcheng City Wall

·Xiangjinong Residential Houses

·Xialu Temple

·Site of Xifeng Concentration Camp

·Xiyue Temple

·Xiqin Assembly Hall

·Xi'an Mosque

·Wanrong Dongyue Temple

·Tongxin Mosque

·Tiantai Temple

·Pagoda of Tianning Temple

·Main Hall of Tianning Temple

·Taining Shangshu Residence

·Royal Ancestral Temple

·Tashan Weir

·Sugong Pagoda

·Shuanglin Temple

·Shuxiang Temple

·Shijiawen Buddhist Tower

·Ten-Tablet Garden

·Shenhai Well

·Sheqi-Shanshan Assembly Hall

·Sheji Altar

·Site of the Shangrao Concentration Camp

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