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China ABC
Culture ABC

·Xibaipo Memorial

·Yan'an Revolutionary Memorial

·Opium War Museum

·Memorial of Zunyi Meeting

·Lin Zexu Memorial in Humen

·Ruijin Revolutionary Memorial

·Memorial of the Nanjing Massacre

·Former Site of Eighth Route Army Xi'an Office

·Hongyan Revolutionary Memorial

·Memorial of Former Site of Peasant Movement Institute Directed by Comrade Mao Ze

·Guangdong Museum of Revolutionary History

·Museum of Revolution in Jinggang Mountains

·Memorial Hall of Former Site of New 4th Army Headquarters

·Memorial of Huaihai Campaign

·Jilin Provincial Museum of Revolution

·Memorial Hall of Bethune and Kotnis at Tang County

·Memorial Museum of Chinese People's Anti-Japanese War

·Revolutionary Base Museum of Sichuan and Shaanxi

·Museum of Wuchang Uprising of 1911 Revolution

·Site Memorial of August 1 Nanchang Uprising

·Memorial Hall for Delegation of Communist Party of China in Meiyuan Xincun

·Memorial Hall of 1st National Congress Site of CPC

·Memorial of Liaoshen Campaign

·Museum of Ranzhuang Tunnel Warfare Site

·Military Museum of Chinese People's Revolution

·Exhibition Hall of Revolutionary Relics in Youjiang of Guangxi

·Memorial Hall of Railway Workers and Coal Miners Movement in Anyuan

·Northeast China Revolutionary Martyrs Memorial Hall

·Memorial of Comrade Zhou Enlais Revolutionary Activities in Tianjin in His Youth





  · Breathtaking!  

·Chinese avant-garde artist hold solo exhibition in NYC

·Yuanmingyuan beast heads on show in Shandong

·Ningbo teacher uses Chinese art to reach foreign students



  · People learn Flower Drum Dance in E China's Anhui  

·A small tea leaf contains a great culture

·Girl practices shadowboxing , sword dance

·Dynamic Macao a competitive tourism destination



  · Contemporary and modern Chinese painting masters' highest-price works in 2014  

·Auction with a Chinese heart

·Chinese collector buys violin with sky high price

·Yearender: highlights of horse-related arts in 2014