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China ABC
Culture ABC

·Sport in Ancient China

·Dragon Boat Race

·Chinese Chess

·Ancient Chinese Football

·The Magic of Qigong Therapy

·Chinese Wrestling

·Chinese Wushu

·Shuttlecock Kicking

·Tai Ji Quan

·Shaolin Wushu


·Dragon Boat Race

·Kite Flying




·Buda Game of Tang and Song Dynasties



·Military Sports in Ancient Times

·Juedixi -Ancient Chinese Gymnastics

·Games on Ice

·Embryonic Forms of Primitive Sports

·Dragon Boat Racing

·Daoyin -An Ancient Way of Preserving Life


·Cuju (Ball-Kicking)

·A Brief Introduction to Ancient Sports in China





  · Breathtaking!  

·Chinese avant-garde artist hold solo exhibition in NYC

·Yuanmingyuan beast heads on show in Shandong

·Ningbo teacher uses Chinese art to reach foreign students



  · People learn Flower Drum Dance in E China's Anhui  

·A small tea leaf contains a great culture

·Girl practices shadowboxing , sword dance

·Dynamic Macao a competitive tourism destination



  · Contemporary and modern Chinese painting masters' highest-price works in 2014  

·Auction with a Chinese heart

·Chinese collector buys violin with sky high price

·Yearender: highlights of horse-related arts in 2014