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China ABC
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Modern Elites

·Li Siguang

·Yang Xiangzhong

·Mathematician: Gu Chaohao

·First Chinese Man in Space--Yang Liwei

·Physical Metallurgist: Wu Ziliang

·Father of Laser Photo Typesetting System: Wang Xuan

·The First Chinese- Nobel- Prize Winner--Yang Zhenning

·Expert on Anatomy and Anthropology: Wu Rukang

·Pioneer of Chinese Neurosurgery: Wang Zhongcheng

·Founder of Solid Strategic Missiles: Huang Weilu

·Medical Doctor and Educator: Wu Jieping

·Historical Geographer: Hou Renzhi

·Physicist: Peng Huanwu

·Expert on Water Conservancy and Hydroelectric Engineering: Zhang Guangdou

·Mathematician: Lu Qikeng

·Neurophysiologist: Zhang Xiangtong

·Theoretical Physicist: Zhou Guangzhao

·Scientist of Metal Physics and Engineering Physics: Chen Nengkuan

·Computation Mathematician: Zhou Yulin

·Chemical Engineering Expert: Hou Xianglin

·Nuclear Physicist: Yu Min

·Nuclear Weapon Expert: Cheng Kaijia

·Technical Optics Pioneer: Wang Daheng

·Solid-state Physicist: Huang Kun

·Meteorologist, Geophysicist and Space Physicist: Zhao Jiuzhang

·‘Two-bombs and One-star Achievement Medal’: Guo Yonghuai

·Famous Mathematician Wu Wenjun

·Famous Insect Bionomist -- Ma Shijun

·Famous Architect -- Wu Liangyong

·Chinese Modern Physicist -- Qian Sanqiang  

·Chinese Modern Mathematician -- Su Buqing

·Hua Luogeng: An Outstanding Chinese Mathematician

·Pioneer of Chinese Meteorology Research -- Zhu Kezhen  

·Chinese Father of Missile -- Qian Xuesen  

·Father of Hybrid Rice -- Yuan Longping

·Founder of Experimental Embryology -- Tong Dizhou

·Bridge Expert Mao Yisheng

·Founding Father of China's A-Bomb and H-Bomb -- Deng Jiaxian

·Chemist Lu JiaXi

·The Founder of Chemical Industry -- Hou Debang

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