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24 Solar Terms: End of Heat

2017-08-29 08:51:36

24 Solar Terms: Start of Autumn

2017-08-07 08:45:15

Culture Insider: Qixi - the Chinese Valentine's Day

2017-08-28 09:59:03

Qixi, or the Seventh Night Festival, falls on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month. This year it falls on Monday, August 28.

24 Solar Terms: Minor Heat

2017-07-07 08:24:07

24 Solar Terms: Summer Solstice

2017-06-21 16:47:56

24 Solar Terms: 6 things you may not know about Summer Solstice

2017-06-21 06:06:06

The traditional Chinese lunar calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms. Summer Solstice, (Chinese: 夏至), the 10th solar term of the year, begins on June 21 this year and ends on July 6.

24 Solar Terms: 7 things you may not know about Grain in Ear

2017-06-05 09:34:50

The Chinese lunar calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms. Grain in Ear, (Chinese: 芒种), the 9th solar term, begins on June 5 this year and ends on June 20.

Culture Insider: Children's games in ancient China

2017-06-01 13:25:20

During ancient times, children didn't have smart phones, ipads or computers to entertain them. Instead, they came up with interesting games to play in their childhood. Let's take a look.

How ancient Chinese welcomed youth into adulthood

2017-05-04 15:47:11

National Youth Day, a holiday established by the government in December 1949, is celebrated on May 4 every year. The definition of youth, however, varies from nation to nation. In China, for instance, adulthood for both men and women starts at the age of 18.

China's 24 Solar Terms come alive

2017-04-07 15:35:18

China's 24 Solar Terms is a deeply rooted concept that encapsulates the essence of Chinese wisdom. Now, they are coming alive.

Qingming Festival marked in ancient Chinese paintings

2017-04-02 07:10:33

The Qingming Festival dates back to the Zhou Dynasty (c. 11th century-256 BC) and many painters in history have left many works portraying the traditional event. Let's take a look.

Qingming Festival in ancient Chinese poems

2017-03-31 09:03:26

In ancient times, the Qingming Festival prompted poets to write poems about their grief regarding the lingering cold in spring and emotional moments while mourning the deceased. Here are some famous lines from poems in the Tang and Song Dynasties (618 -1279).

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