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Actors get their kicks in new show

Updated: 2023-12-16 16:28 ( China Daily )
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Participants reproduce a scene from Jackie Chan's Drunken Master.[Photo provided to China Daily]

For instance, pondering the roots of Wing Chun led him to trace it back to the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) and Foshan, Guangdong province, a region known for the kung fu style, he says.

"And the mnemonic devices for the Wing Chun techniques taught by my mentor are in Chinese," he adds. "As a minority in New York, a melting pot of diverse cultures, I felt motivated to learn kung fu as a way to represent my heritage."

Growing up in New York, Liau had easy access to hip-hop culture. During high school, he began to learn breakdance. Fortunately, his kung fu mentor Mei turned out to be supportive of his exploration into hip-hop.

"Starting breakdance increased my appreciation for various art forms, broadening my perspective. Unlike martial arts where rhythm stems from the heart and breathing, break dancing syncs with the music. This change made me understand how to do stunt choreography, as my heart adopted a distinct rhythm," says Liau.

"Later on, I tried to keep learning new skills to combine with my martial arts to enhance my performances."

Throughout his childhood, Liau consistently delighted in watching Jackie Chan movies, drawn to the action-comedy genre.

The superstar's capability of skillfully using martial arts in filmmaking and infusing humor into his performances served as a strong inspiration, fueling Liau's desire to pursue a career as an action actor himself.

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