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Actors get their kicks in new show

Updated: 2023-12-16 16:28 ( China Daily )
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(From left) Veteran actress Hao Lei, martial arts star Zhao Wenzhuo and MMA superstar Zhang Weili instruct the 14 trainees in the reality show.[Photo provided to China Daily]

Continuing seamlessly, he adopts a side-lying position, creating a "C" shape with his extended index finger and thumb, mimicking the act of drinking to conclude his impressive routine.

His kung fu performance features windmill-like movements reminiscent of break dancing. In fact, the Chinese-American actor was brought up in New York — the birthplace of hip-hop.

At the age of 10, Liau started practicing Wing Chun, a martial art style based in self-defense originating in southern China, under the guidance of master Mei Yi in New York.

"Before I actually learned it, I didn't know why they moved that way, but I was just so attracted to the movement and its rhythm," he says.

However, beyond the aesthetic aspect, these martial arts are consistently depicted in movies as a means for heroes to uphold justice through combat.

"My perception of Chinese martial arts is that they are always employed by heroes to deliver justice and they are always practiced with honor and discipline," he says, adding that back then, when he thought of kung fu, the first image that came to mind was the character Chen Zhen, portrayed by Bruce Lee, in the 1972 classic Fist of Fury.

As he explored different martial arts forms, questions about their origins and connections arose. That prompted him to delve into the broader aspects of Chinese culture, such as history, language and literature.

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