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Actors get their kicks in new show

Updated: 2023-12-16 16:28 ( China Daily )
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Liang Biying, a former tai chi athlete, displays her skills in the show.[Photo provided to China Daily]

Drunken Fist, or zui quan, is a traditional martial art depicted in Chinese movies that emulates the movements of someone who has overindulged.

The kung fu performance, known for its fluid and unpredictable techniques, incorporates swaying, stumbling, and falling movements to deceive and bewilder opponents. It is a brilliant invention by makers of kung fu films and can be very entertaining to watch.

In a recently aired online reality show called Lai Zhe He Ren (roughly translated as "Whence comes this visitor?"), which aims to nurture promising action stars for China's film and TV industry, martial arts star Zhao Wenzhuo challenges the show's participants to choreograph a sequence of Drunken Fist moves that reflect their personal style. The show has enlisted Zhao, veteran actress Hao Lei, and China's MMA superstar Zhang Weili to instruct 14 trainees, imparting their respective knowledge in kung fu performance, acting and physical conditioning.

Among the participants, Jerry Liau, also known as Yi Yang, distinguishes himself. His Drunken Fist routine showcases his robust martial arts proficiency as he effortlessly executes challenging moves that leave spectators in awe.

With impeccable timing, he gracefully descends to the floor, executing rolls using his upper back, shoulders and arms, all while extending his legs upward.

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