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Art of virtue

Updated: 2021-09-13 07:36 ( China Daily Global )
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Shangshan Sihao Tu, by Dai Jin of the Ming Dynasty, is among the paintings on display at the show, The Elegant Retreat: Figure Paintings from Across the Ages in the Palace Museum Collection, at the Palace Museum in Beijing. The exhibition featuring 76 works with both artistic and historical importance runs through October. CHINA DAILY

According to Ren, Chinese figure painting mixed with landscape painting after the Yuan Dynasty, seeking to show a harmony between humans and nature. The garden was used to set an atmosphere for figure painting at the beginning. However, landscapes gradually began to play the main part, and figures made a retreat, appearing as ornaments in landscape paintings later.

"More studies will help us to explore humanities hidden in the cultural relics," Ren says. "That will better usher the public to fine traditional culture and nurture patriotism."

The ongoing event is the second phase of a series of exhibitions on Chinese figure paintings at the Palace Museum, which will run through 2022.

Up to 3,000 visitors daily are allowed in the gallery at present. Online reservations are needed through gugong.ktmtech.cn (at least 10 days in advance).

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