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Lushan Mountain, peak of literary and sacred site

Updated: 2020-08-24 09:21:23

( Chinaculture.org )

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Lushan Mountain in Lushan city of East China's Jiangxi province is a leisure paradise with a long cultural history.

It has fantastic natural beauty, including running waterfalls and brooks, shifting mists and fogs, and stunning quaternary glaciation remains. Besides, elegant Western-style villas are also scattered among the mountains.

As a cultural sacred mountain, many men of letters have ascended the mountain and produced more than 16,000 poems and verses and 1,000 stone inscriptions.

The White Deer Cave Academy, which is on the southern foot of Lushan Mountain, is the top of the four famous Confucius academies of ancient China.

It has been bestowed such titles as one of the first World Heritage Cultural Landscape of China, a UNESCO Global Geopark and one of the top 10 famous mountains in China. 

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