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Sinologists bring new perspectives and offer advice

2018-08-08 09:39

Sinologists from 24 countries took a close look at China's development at a recent five-day symposium in Beijing.

Global perspective on reform and opening-up held

2018-07-23 17:03

Focusing on the history and progress of the country since China's reform and opening-up in 1978, 28 China studies experts from 24 countries joined 11 Chinese scholars in Beijing for an in-depth discussion on Monday.

Building a bridge

2018-07-23 17:04

A Botswanan Sinologist shares his story of how he gave up studying computers in favor of a language.

China and LAC: How the twain can meet

2018-07-23 17:04

The distance between China and Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) often appears so vast that it is difficult to remain optimistic about the future of relations between both sides.

Seeing is believing – China’s amazing growth over 40 years

2018-07-23 17:04

It is indeed amazing to see the growth and development of China since it opened up 40 years ago. I would like to share some of my experiences after visiting China for a few times now since 2017. One, the extraordinary development that defines China can be illustrated using one example.

International scholars enhance China studies in Shanghai

2018-07-23 17:04

The Visiting Program for Young Sinologists (Shanghai), which opened on July 9, attracted 32 international scholars from 27 countries to experience contemporary China.

Sinologist visiting program kicks off in Beijing

2018-07-23 17:04

The 2018 Visiting Program for Young Sinologists kicked off in Beijing with an opening ceremony on Friday.

Sinologist program expands to keep pace with demand

2018-07-23 17:04

China has expanded a visiting program for foreign Sinologists to accommodate more participants this year, with over 200 expected to attend.

2018 Visiting Program for Young Sinologists opens in Chongqing

2018-05-15 08:46

The 2018 Visiting Program for Young Sinologists kicked off on May 10 in Chongqing with an opening ceremony.

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