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Nine tales about Chinese jade

Updated: 2018-08-07 14:51:15

( Chinaculture.org )

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Yu Lian Huan is a jade ornament composed of two inseparable rings. [Photo/shangdu.com]

Yu Lian Huan/Chinese Rings

In Zhan Guo Ce, or Strategies of the Warring States, a tale goes that the king of Qin sent a messenger with a chain of two rings of jade to the state of Qi, attempting to test whether the king of Qi dared to battle with Qin, the most powerful state in the warring period of ancient China. Since the two rings were forged together, it was impossible to disentangle them. However the queen of Qi had her attendant smashed the rings with a hammer, and replied to the messenger that Qi had solved the puzzle according to Qin’s command. Hearing this, the king of Qin put off his plan to invade Qi, for he feared of Qi people’s resolution to defend their own country.

The Chinese have always paid homage to a tough person who never gives up or loses their grace under great pressure, who has much resemblance to the characters in the writings of Ernest Hemingway. One proverb goes Ning We Yu Sui, Bu Wei Wa Quan, meaning that a person would rather die than yield to powers.

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