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Explore a vigorous Guangdong

Updated: 2020-06-16 18:32:16

( Chinaculture.org )

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South China's Guangdong province, one of the major starting points of China's ancient Maritime #SilkRoad, has recorded generations of prosperity.

Between the mountains, oceans, people and cities of Guangdong, the deepest mysteries of Lingnan culture are concealed, waiting for people to explore and experience.

From the must-visit Canton Tower in Guangdong's capital, Guangzhou, to the famous Overseas Chinese Town in Shenzhen - a tech hub in today's China - in the midst of the colorful hustle and bustle, there is growing prosperity for a group of international cities in the southern Chinese province.

There is an old saying that goes, "Eat in Guangdong, taste the world". Cantonese people begin their day with morning tea. An old fire gently cooks soup and the delicacies of Chaoshan are made by hand. 

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