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Back to basics

Updated: 2024-03-28 07:33 ( China Daily )
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Li Yanhu, director of the sports health medical research center at the General Administration of Sport of China, writes a prescription.

Crooked posture, vision problems, digestive issues, and even allergies — while these health woes may appear unconnected, one expert suggests they could share a common origin: spinal health issues.

Li Yanhu, esteemed director of the sports health medical research center at the National Institute of Sports Medicine, which is under the General Administration of Sport of China, elucidates this critical link, highlighting the spine as the cornerstone of vitality.

"The spine serves as the body's fundamental support system, tasked with bearing weight, providing structural integrity, and facilitating essential functions such as movement and shock absorption," Li explains. "Yet, its significance is frequently underestimated, overshadowed by more apparent health concerns."

Emphasizing the pivotal role of early intervention, Li advocates for a paradigm shift in healthcare practices, urging a holistic approach that, from infancy, prioritizes spinal health.

As medical discourse increasingly turns its gaze toward preventive care, the spotlight now falls on the spine — a silent sentinel, the welfare of which profoundly influences overall well-being.

For the past 15 years, 57-year-old Li has been passionately spreading awareness about spinal health, especially among teenagers. He travels nationwide, tirelessly promoting a "teen spine project".

Through talks, research, and teaching exercises, like stretching and bedtime routines, he aims to help youngsters protect their spines from a young age. His mission? To ensure fewer kids suffer from back problems.

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